Monday, February 19, 2018

Jeep ride and hike into Saddle Canyon

Monday, February 19, 2018 – Location:  Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, Arizona

This morning I swore I would take it easy today.  Sat around all morning reading blogs, responding to blogs, drinking coffee and having breakfast.

Around noon, Yuma was having no more of it and wanted me to take him somewhere.  He doesn’t care where; just out.  I thought we would take a little walk, but Yuma ran right to the Jeep.  That’s a good idea!  We’ll ride and not hike today.  Yeah!

As we were driving down the trail, I saw two familiar specs walking along the hillside and drove the Jeep over.  Sure enough, it was Deb and Riley finishing their morning hike.  Stopped and talked for a bit till the wind about blew us away.  I headed off and they headed home.

Last year, I loved the views from behind the mountains so much, decided to head that way again.  Drove down to the W. Courthouse Road and up the trail to the backside of the mountains.


This is how Saddle Mountain looks from the main road looking south.  You can see the boondockers along the base of the mountains.  Just a beautiful place.  I hear there are many Phoenix city slickers that don’t even know this place is here and they only live fifty miles away.  Their loss, my gain.


Ten minutes later we were entering Saddle Canyon.  Don’t know if this is the correct name but it is my name for this beautiful canyon.  Let me warn you there are a lot of photos of mountains coming up.  If that is not your thing, you can stop now.

Everything now is from the interior of the mountains.  Looks different.


You can see the saddle from this canyon perfectly.


Yuma wouldn’t want to step on these beautiful little guys.


It is so beautiful in here.  Wish the photos would capture what my eye sees!


Had to go hiking.  Last year when I was here, I wanted to see what was over that rise you see.  I could see the tops of more mountains so I knew it would be interesting.


This year I seem to be stronger.  We hiked about three quarters of a mile up that slope to see what was on the other side.  I seem to have a problem with that.

We made it.


If I look tired, I am.  I started out with a sweatshirt, but the sun was warm and soon I had it tied around my waist.  It is just beautiful today.  Low sixties with a cool breeze to make my hike more comfortable.



This is what I see on the other side.  A valley with more mountains.  Thought that might be the case, but now I know for sure.  Wish I could see a Big Horn Sheep herd!  I’m walking their trails, so I know they’re around.


From the bottom I could just make out this white pinnacle.  Now I see what it is.  Awesome!  It is across the valley.


I don’t need a Big Horn Sheep.  I’ve got Yuma!  Doesn’t he look like the King of the Mountain?


Whoa!  Yuma says that is a long way down.


This is looking back where I came from.  You can see the dust in the distance.  The wind outside this valley is picking up.  Coming down now.  All the following are back in Saddle Canyon.  Walked two miles again today and another three hours.


There is the mountainside Yuma and I climbed to see the other side.  Glad to be down.  Lots of rocks and boulders to walk around.


So glad to see the Jeep.


This place is gorgeous to me.  Makes up for those days when I miss and want to go home.  I know there is snow and ice back there and I would soon regret ever leaving a place like this.

Done for the day.  I had a wonderful time and I hope you enjoyed hiking along with Yuma and me.


See you later.


  1. Fantastic pictures of the beautiful mountains! It's easy to see why you love it there. Yuma looks like he was born to the area, but is careful not to get tooo close to the cliff's edge! Really awesome southwestern beauty! Thank you for taking us along. Have a good night. ❤

  2. You are welcome. Hope the kids enjoy them. So beautiful but hard to capture with a camera. Had a great day and I feel great too. Getting stronger - not older.

  3. Wow! Very cool night photo of Saddle Mountain and the moon! ❤

  4. You and Yuma found some great spots today. Beautiful scenery and pictures.
    Watch those stones and rocks on the trails.

    1. Beautiful canyon. Yuma and I had a great day! I will hurt tomorrow for the fun I had today.

  5. Great pictures. Glad you took easy!

    Love those views, I'm going to be heading back in that area in the next day or two. I want to see what's back there. Thanks for the sneak preview.

  6. Thanks Deb. When you see the fence keep it to your left. And when you get to the big drop down into a wash stop and walk. It only gets worse and dead ends soon after.

    Have a good day in the big city.

  7. What a wonderful area to explore and a nice hike as well, Love you pictures of that area. thanks for sharing.

  8. You're getting stronger and look 10 years younger without the beard ! Yuma really knows how to strike a pose - more beautiful photos. That is such a scenic area - but like trying to capture lightening in a bottle - it has to be experienced. 🌵🌞

  9. So true. Experiencing it is the only way. Yuma is a ham when it comes to a camera. He knows he's good looking!

    Had a great day! Oh, and it was Yumas 3rd birthday.

  10. Love the views of the mountains. We'll have to put that on our list of places to go.
    Dust is finally settling down here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You two would love it here. No dust. And you are close to suburbs of Phoenix.

      As you can see the mountains are beautiful too.

  11. It's so beautiful where you are Doug! The mountains look incredible. The cactus is gorgeous too..something about that southwest!