Thursday, February 15, 2018

Move to Quartzsite and visit with friends

Thursday, February 15, 2018 – Location:  Dome Rock near Quartzsite, Arizona

My sleepover in the Albertsons parking lot was peaceful.  Got up this morning to take Yuma for his walk and as I walked behind the Jeep, what did I see?   A sign staring right back at me!


That got my attention.  Glad I didn’t get a knock on my door in the middle of the night.  Actually, I wasn’t too worried.  There is a rundown MH and a number of vans parked here all night and no one seemed to care.

Right next to the parking lot is the BlueLine Motel and is that place a dump.  Surprised it is not condemned.  Behind the motel is a trailer lot.  I wouldn’t let Yuma go into that place.  And there are people living in there.



There’s my neighbor.  Don’t think anyone is staying there, I hope.


Last year when I stayed here, the place was invested with cats, but only saw a couple this year.  Maybe the cats found a better place to live.

I made a visit to the Albertsons Food Store and bought groceries, so I paid my dues.

We left around 8 o’clock to drive the 23 miles to Quartzsite.  Had about an eighth of a tank of gas left in the MH.  That was good.  I made the trip and my first stop was the Love’s service station.  Paid $2.36 a gallon instead of the higher $3.06 a gallon in California.  Saved a ton!

Bunch of hippies were in this bus leaving the gas station.


Then I drove west up towards Dome Rock to the BLM area to stay for tonight.  Felt tired from my long hike yesterday and the drive last evening, so Yuma and I stayed in most of the day.  Made good use of the time by washing dishes, sweeping all the dust and dog hair out of the MH and then I damp washed the floors.  Feels good to have everything clean again.  For a short while at least.

There’s Dome Rock not far from where I’m staying.


Looking to the east.


Looking north across I-10.


Another reason I stopped in Quartzsite was to meet with Lorne and Sue.  Last year I left my chair at the Bloggerfest and they were kind enough to store it for me for these past 13 months.  They weren’t able to make this year’s Bloggerfest, but we just happened to be in Quartzsite today at the same time, so we made arrangements for me to stop by for a visit and leave with the chair this time.  Stopped by shortly after 5 o’clock and met with Lorne and his wife, Sue along with three of their friends. 

Around the circle are Ed, me, Yuma, Lessie, Lorne and Charlie their dog, Sue and Kyra.    As you can see, I stayed till the sun set behind us.  We talked about everything from cats to dogs to bats to birds.  Had a great time and was happy to see friends from past Bloggerfests once again.


When I left to come back to the RV, I drove west on Koehn Street and just as it crossed a very large and sandy wash, I could see something blocking the entire road.  Cars were turning around and those with four- wheel drive drove through the wash and went around it.   It was fairly dark, so I drove around it and stopped to help. Actually, I stopped to take pictures.

It was the longest trailer I’ve ever seen and evidently, the driver tried to make a u-turn in the wash and got badly stuck.  He was severely jack-knifed.  I used my flash because it was so dark.


Enough for one day.  Time for dinner and bed.

See you later.


  1. OMG! That is one super long trailer! I wonder why he tried to turn around there. Did he get out? Was the bulldozer part of the rescue? I wonder what happened to all the cats? I know there was a lady trying to take care of them. Dome mountain looks so majestic. Looks like you found more friends to spend time with. Have a good night! ❤

    1. Certainly is the longest trailer I've ever seen. Surprised to see it try to make a u-turn in a wash. The bulldozer was trying to push it out.

      Dome Rock Is regal looking.

      Don't know what happened to all the cats. Animal control probably took them.

      Had a great time on my visit with fellow bloggers.

  2. Well you and Yuma have a had a few interesting days. We have never noticed that motel by Albertsons it is sad were some people are living. Interesting motor home is that a wooden door?
    Glad to hear you got your chair back and had a nice visit with its caretakers.
    I am wondering the same thing as Dolly...why did the driver try to turn around there? Seriously, a truck and trailer that size in a wash we would have stopped to take pictures, too.

    1. It was a wooden door with a big padlock. Don't know why anyone would want to break into that piece of junk.

      Had a nice visit with the chair caretakers.

      The truck driver misjudged how deep the sand was. We think we need a wide space to turn in. That thing needs a football field 😂. And a wash isn't one.

  3. Wow, that's the longest rig I've ever seen. I didn't know anything that long was legal on the roads. He certainly did an amazing job of getting stuck and jackknifed. Talented driver.

    Glad you met Lorne, Sue and friends and retrieved your chair.

    Enjoy Dome Rock, we liked it there too. We found it very quiet with amazing sunrises and sunsets.

    1. You're right. I don't know how that truck and trailer could turn on a city Street. Much less in a sandy wash.

      Enjoyed my visit. I've visited more this winter than all other years combined 😉. Enjoyed Dome Rock but too close to a mountain. My cell reception is terrible.

  4. You should of stayed in the Albertson's parking lot a few more nights. Looked like a nice place:) Good to get some rest, see friends and get your chair back. Take care Dad. Love you.

    1. Thanks Steve. So you think the Blue Line motel is my kind of place?😂. Nice to visit with bloggers.

  5. Glad you got to the Q to see Lorne and Sue. We missed them this year, such a great couple. That jack-knifed truck and trailer would have been something to see! Oh my! Hope he soon got towed out.

    1. Enjoyed my visit with​Lorne and Sue and their friends. Sat and talked till the sunset.

      That was some sight with that trailer completely blocking the main drag.

      I'm sure they did whatever they had to to get it out of there. Will drive over this morning and see.

  6. Nice to stop in a familiar area of Dome Rock - do a few chores - relax - and visit friends. Hopefully you have good TV reception to watch Gold Rush tonight. 😳

    1. Thanks for reminding me Moonfly. I'm probably moving today and will make sure I have a clear southern sky tonight. And remember I have changed time zones too.

      I feel so much better with a clean house. It was overdue.

  7. No wonder they condemn those trailer parks! Really people live like such pigs, sure makes you wonder doesn't it?! Then they'll complain they have no place to live and nobody cares about them (just had this happen near Reno)..Looks like a great place near dome rock and more friends to party with! How fun. Great pictures Doug!

  8. Tha so Shirley. I've visited more people in the last week than in the past four years 😎. I have enjoyed it but I still like the true boondocking experience with just me and Yuma.

    The west is where the rich live, but the good weather brings the poor too.

  9. Being an old truck driver, I just can't imagine why anyone would even attempt to turn a rig like that around on a road with soft gravel on each side. He may be looking for a new job in the morning. Thanks for the visit today. We really enjoyed chatting with you.