Saturday, February 10, 2018

Short move day

Saturday, February 10, 2018 – Location:  American Legion #853 in Borrego Springs, CA

Today I decided to move into town to the American Legion to stay one night and dump tanks and take on water.  Not sure where I will go tomorrow.

This morning I got up before the sun and Yuma and I took a long walk.  It was already 56 degrees, sunny and beautiful!


After a quick cereal for breakfast and my grapefruit and OJ, I started packing.  Slowly, because it was already getting warm.  Just as I was finishing up around 10 o’clock, a silver truck with a nice Airstream attached pulled in nearby.  Went over and told the couple they could have my place as I was just leaving.

Talked to the couple for a minute or two.  He just retired and lives in Prescott, Arizona.   They were traveling to see more of the southwest they had lived and worked in all these years.


Time for me to move on.  About 40 minutes later I was pulling into the American Legion parking lot. 


Went inside and the lady at the bar was just opening up for the day.  Her name was Cindy.  Asked if I could stay for the night and she asked if I was a Veteran and I showed her a photo of my DD214 discharge papers and I was in.  $5.00 for the night and $5.00 for the dump and water.  Not a bad deal.  Thanks, Al for recommending this place.  Travel With The Bayfield Bunch

It is a big parking lot with dry parking areas and spaces with electricity and water.  I took a dry one.   Here’s our place facing the Tamarisks trees.


Just as we got settled in the winds started to pick up.  Looking at the forecast, they are calling for 45 mph winds this evening as a cold front comes in from the west over the mountains.  Highs tomorrow only in the 70s.  More like it!

That was it for us today.  Now to my travels from a couple of days ago.

After I left Split Mountain I drove about five miles through the wash looking for anything of interest.   Of course the scenery was beautiful, but I was looking for something special.

This is known as the Elephant Knees.



Very rugged country.  Looks like someone just heaved rocks and boulders everywhere.  Unfortunately, the wash was as wash-boardy as a wash could get.  My back and neck began to hurt from all the jostling.


Just as I was getting ready to turn around four jeeps came up and I flagged the lead jeep down and asked what was ahead.  He said they just came from Sandstone Canyon about two miles further.   It is a rugged canyon and not recommended for a single traveler.  Just know when you’ve hit your limit he said.

Now this is more like it!




Getting interesting now.


Getting really tight now.



This is where my Jeep tells me to stop.  Fallen boulders cover the wash now.  I can see where they went through, but I would not try climbing these boulders by myself out here in the middle of nowhere.



I could see where their tires climbed over the boulders because it is too narrow for the width of the jeep.


Looks like it will take another day to complete my three plus mile hike through the slot canyon ahead.  After leaving the Jeep, Yuma and I decided to walk up the canyon for a little more.  As we were walking, I saw this slot canyon off to the left that looked like it may get us to the top faster, so off we went.

Tomorrow, I’ll take you on that little adventure.

See you later.


  1. It was really a gorgeous sunrise. I like the Motor home was awash in Good! I'm shocked you didn't tackle the boulders of Split Mountain. Great pictures of the area! Hope it doesn't get too windy, there at the Legion! Have a good night! ❤

  2. The elephant knees are really something! How high are they?

  3. Thanks Dolly. Only so far before fear sets in. The wind just went dead, so maybe we're done for the night. I hope so.

    Good night.😘

  4. Wow, fantastic pictures. Pretty skinny down there at the end. Smart move to stop.

    Glad you're tucked away at the Legion for the night. Those winds would not be fun up in your old spot.

    Safe travels where ever you decide to go.

    1. Thanks Deb. It was beautiful in that small canyon. I thought it was more fun than Split Mountain.

      The wind never got over 20 mph and then stopped around 10. That was nice. Quiet night at the Legion.

  5. What an awesome Jeep trail. Hope you made it out with no new scratches or dents. (Both you and the Jeep! :-))
    The wind is picking up pretty good here at LaPosa. Everything is tied down.

    1. Thanks Dave. It was the best canyon trail I've been on. Glad I stuck it out going through the large wash and meeting those Jeeps. Otherwise I would never have seen the Sandstone Canyon sign.

      Wind just stopped here early evening. Hope you were as lucky.

  6. I will be at Joshua tree late tomorrow for a few days hope to see you

    1. Wow! That was fast. I'll be at the same area as last year.

      I will spend tonight at Slab City and be there tomorrow, the 12th around noon. Be good to see you again. Hope Shaena can make it too.

  7. Nice to get to the legion and settled in a sheltered place with the winds coming, thanks for the great pictures looks like a nice drive and hike.

    1. Thanks George. Luckily the big winds never materialized. All died down at evening time and had a restful night with the coyotes.

  8. The sunrise picture is gorgeous along with all your others! Beautiful pics along the trail. Glad you stopped at those big boulders. The entrance picture to Sandstone Canyon is beautiful. Looks like the legion is a good place to spend the night!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad I stopped too. I hate it when I do too much and cause a problem Been there and done that. Hate it so much, I'm more careful now.

      It was just a beautiful day, if you like this kind of stuff.

      I'm glad I stayed at the Legion with the big winds we had during the day. Glad they died down in the evening and not make it a bad night.

  9. Loving your pictures. Tom and I are looking forward to be in that area by the end of this week.
    Looks like you chose a good place to stop. If we attempted it do you think our Jeep would make it through that far and how was it for turning around along the way?

    1. Thanks Deb. Going through Split Mountain is easy. Be sure to stop and take in the Wind Caves at the far end. The mountain drive is not more than two or three miles.

      There is a map of the whole area that gives the layout of all the washes and roads. Be sure to stop at the Visitor Center and get one. It will show where Sandstone Canyon is. It is a foldout pamphlet that says Anza-Borrego Desert State Park on the front and folds out with a big map on the inside of the whole park.

      If you do go the extra seven miles into the wash, no problem other than the washboard will wear you down. No problems in the Sandstone Canyon as far as turning around. There are places where it is so narrow your Jeep will barely fit, but it widens where you can turn around whenever you want.

      I think you will find that you will want to turn around at the fallen boulders across the wash. You'll know when you get there that it is not something you will want to tackle alone.

      Good luck.

  10. Sandstone Canyon looks very impressive - Love the photos of the Jeep in there !!

    1. Thanks Moonfly. It was a full day to say the least. Nightfall was on me by the time me and Yuma got back to camp.

  11. Beautiful sunrise!!! I love that about getting up early-sometimes it feels like it’s all for you. 😊. That DID look like a bumpy, jostling ride! Great pics per ushe! Love you!

    1. Thanks Sarah. It was rough on my old bones bouncing around in that Jeep. Great day though. Love you!

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