Sunday, February 25, 2018

Short move day

Sunday, February 25, 2018 – Location:  Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, Arizona

Today was just beautiful again.  Cold at night.  Got down to 32 degrees early this morning, but as soon as the sun came up, it warmed up.

Thought about running into Buckeye to the Walmart for groceries, but since I’m heading that way in the morning, why waste the time and gas.  So I sat around and drank my coffee and did nothing. 

A couple came by the RV this morning and I told them where the petroglyphs were.  I should get paid for doing this!  They didn’t know there were any.  They are new full timers having retired early and sold their home.  This is their first winter on the road in their trailer and a motorcycle.  They have a website named 2 Hearts & 2 Wheels

Did drive over to Deb and Riley’s place after breakfast, but they weren’t home.  They are heading out tomorrow also, so we decided to head east together for a bit.  Got a new place in mind, but you’ll have to wait and see.

Around two o’clock went back over and they were home.  We made travel plans and I let them know I was going to move down from the mountain today in case I got stuck on the way down.

Went back to my MH and quickly packed and drove the MH about half mile down the mountain, walked back up and drove the Jeep down.  Didn’t have any problems but did leave several deep gashes in the gravel where the hitch slid along.  Did that one more time then found a site to stay for the night close to the blacktop, W. Courthouse Road.  Finally!  A flat spot.



I’m settled in for the night.  Now I have to put the Dish back up.  Earlier today, Dolly told me “Walking Dead” starts their season tonight.  This is a TV program Dolly got me hooked on several year ago, so got to watch that tonight.  Got my alarm set so I don’t forget.

Don’t have many pictures tonight.  Just didn’t go anywhere today.

The other day when I was in Tonopah, I did see several other things worth mentioning.  If you are in the market for a really old Willys Jeep, they have one for sale there.  About as basic as they come.  Didn’t have a price and I didn’t ask.  Not in the market myself.  I thought my Jeep was small, but this thing is about half the size of mine.

IMG_1620  IMG_1621

Tonopah also has a Hot Spring 1/4 mile down the road.  Looked a little rough, but who knows.  I didn’t go inside to find out. 


And they have a cantina also.  Oscar’s Place.  Serves Mexican food and I bet it’s good.


A Ranch and Land Office if you’re interested in living here.


And I even saw some places you could grab cheap.  Fixer upper!


Time for “Walking Dead” and dinner.

See you later.


  1. It sounds like you and Yuma had a real day of R&R. Tonoah isnt too big a town, but they habe a spa. How cool is that?! Have a good night, so you can start a new adventure tomorrow. ❤

    1. Thanks Dolly. Looking forward to a new place to visit. One I've always wanted to go to.

      Kind of wished I went into the spring office to look around. Interesting area.

  2. All Sue has talked about for the past few days was Walking Dead being on tonight. Do you watch Survivor? It starts next Wednesday.

    1. Sue sounds like Dolly. She loves Walking Dead. I'm not quite into it like her but do follow it.

      We've both been huge fans of Survivor since the show first started. I've got a 100 mile local TV antenna. Hope it picks up CBS in the Superstition Mountain area.

  3. Nice that you are all set to go in the morning and did not get stuck. Love that old Willy's Jeep looks like a fun ride.

    1. Thanks George. I put some real gouges in the gravel and rocks in two washes coming down but nothing broke and my tires aren't flat so I'm a happy camper.

      Looking forward to a new place to visit today.

  4. Sounds like Yuma and Riley will have more playtime in their future - maybe over around Lost Dutchman ?? Should be beautiful and maybe a few wildflowers - hope so. 🌷🌻🌸

  5. I hope you have a good travel day today! How nice of you to provide tips for anyone that maybe wants to buy a fixer upper out west and have authentic mexican food! :) Drive safe! I love you!

  6. Good plan to move to a closer exit and flat spot for the night. Now you are set for your move this morning. It will be fun travelling 'with' someone else. We've never been where you're going but I'm sure you'll find a great spot.
    Lots of fixer upper ideas but no thanks. :)

  7. The old Willys would be fun to have but bet it rides rough with that short wheelbase. I have a TJ, similar to yours, and it's pretty bouncy until I air it way down.
    I'm always a little leary of sharing the location of the ancient graffiti, as I don't want to come back another time to find spray-can art has replaced the original art.

  8. Beautiful pictures! You are too funny, trying to sell Tonopah! That fixer upper was something else! Can't wait to see where you end up! A new adventure!