Monday, April 20, 2020

Home at last

Location:  Home

This morning I woke up at 8 o'clock and made a leisurely breakfast and at 10 o'clock we headed for home.  Skirted around Springfield, the capital of Illinois. 
Stopped at the Dixie Truck Stop in Atlanta about 10 miles from home to fill the WL for the last time this trip.
Before long I was pulling in my driveway and that's when things went bad.  After all the time thinking and knowing it would be a challenge to get into the driveway,  I just turned in and before I knew it my driver's side rear tire went into the culvert and I was able to pull it forward, but then the curve in the tree started sliding along the top, so I stopped.  I think that thing is coming down soon.

Couldn't go forward and couldn't go backward.  What a fine homecoming! :((  Can't believe after knowing it would be a tight fit, I just went on in to the driveway without even thinking.

Luckily, the wood fence is over twenty years old and I had planned on replacing it soon.  I helped the process along today.
The WL is now in the driveway and I'll worry about what to do to get it into the covered area that used to house Miss Adventure tomorrow.  Hopefully, I 'm smarter with that move. :))
We're home and all is well that ends well. :))

Dolly, Fergie, Yuma, Doug.  Back together again! :))

Illinois sunset.

See you later.


  1. Oooops!!! Glad you made it home. Great family picture. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Hope there is no damage to the roof of WL. Nice family picture.

  3. Welcome Home, Doug! So nice to see the family back together again and you recognized each other!! :)
    Sorry about the tree, you were too excited to think about it.

  4. Welcome Home! Hope the driveway and the WL get along better next outing.

  5. Don't feel bad. I had the same problem trying to back mine in between a too narrow gate and at an angle to boot. I have a lot of nice roof scratches from the tree. What a beautiful place you have. Love the picture of the four of you!! Happy homecoming!

  6. You just needed to take your turn slower and wider. Glad there was no damage to the WL.
    As Dorthy said to Toto "There's no place like Home".
    Nice to see all those smiling faces.
    Be Safe and Enjoy being with family.

    It's about time.

  7. Glad you made it home Doug......and almost without mishap too.

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  9. I enjoyed following your coming home trip, but why did you fill up with diesel just to put it in storage? Couldn't the diesel fuel sitting unused create a problem when sitting for an extended period of time?

  10. Glad you made it home safely! The entrance drive could have been much worse, so thankful it was not. Nice picture of your family!

  11. Glad you got home - even if the driveway was challenging! And, now you have some home projects to keep you busy until things really open up again.

    That sunset rivals the Arizona ones.

  12. Welcome home. Now you time to figure that stuff out. Hope to see you both out there next winter.

  13. Glad you made it home safely. Just wanted to say thanks for letting us tag along once again on your adventures. We missed you last year when you didn't travel. That new camera of yours takes some spectacular pictures - they look like 3D! Hope you and Dolly stay healthy so that the two of you, plus Fergie and Yuma, can take the White Lion on some new adventures next winter. Linda & Gerry in Buckeye, AZ