Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Found Petroglyphs – Old and New

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We started out slow again this morning.  We left the motorhome at 12:20 and it was another clear and warm day.  We stopped at the refuge center and while we watched the 15 minute movie about the Barry Goldwater Range, Dolly completed her permit form. 

The movie discussed the importance of the Range and what part of it was accessible to the public and sternly instructed us not to touch unexploded ordinance.  It is a federal offence and it could maim or kill you.

There were four of us and Fergie watching the movie.  Once over, Dolly got her permit and the combination number to the locked gates available to us.  Our plan is to drive to Crater Range.  It is comprised of several miles of volcanic upheavals on both sides of Highway 85 about 10 miles north of Ajo, AZ.  Here is looking back at gate 15 after we entered the restricted area.Looking back at Range 15 gate Went about a mile back into Crater Range until there were stakes in the road and a sign stating that vehicles could not enter.  Going about a mile in Crater Range Have to walk from there. 

There are sharp pinnacles all around us. Rugged pinnacles all around us.

Peek hole
We had no clue where to go, so we just started following the sandy road past the stakes. 
After about a half hour of wandering around looking at rocks, we found them.  Not many unfortunately.

New petroglyphs
New petroglyph
Old petroglyph
Old petroglyph
Just a drawing on the rock, I think
Not sure.
Not sure

Not sure

That was it.  It was a beautiful walk through a very scenic area.  We are glad we found this place, even though the stone markings are not noted anywhere, so we don’t really know how old some of them are.  Do know that one was made in 1932.  I wish they all were dated so we would know. Heh heh.

Heading home to rest for the remainder of the day.  One last shot of a windmill on Darby Well Road at the Y near where we turn right to reach our place.Windmill at old homestead

See you later.

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