Monday, February 17, 2014

In Search for Petroglyphs

Monday, February 17, 2014

Another bright blue day!
Clear blue skies

This morning, we decided we would go see some petroglyphs near here.  Then we would do some grocery shopping, get another 10 gallons of water and call it a day.

I thought they were a short distance from Ajo in the CPNWR (Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge), so Dolly completed the permit she needs and we will stop at the refuge center to turn it in and Dolly will ask for a map of exactly where they are.   Great plan!  However, when we got there, today is a federal holiday so it was not open.  Not a big deal, we would just go anyway. 

So we headed out following a map that I had gotten from the refuge center the other day.  I was sure Beverly at the center had told me it was just north of Ajo, so looking at the map, I found Charlie Bell Pass Road just a mile north that headed into the refuge.  I didn’t see any mention of the petroglyphs on the map but I did not let that stop me. 

As soon as we got off hwy 85 onto the road, I knew it was going to be bad.  The road started right out with deep ruts, rocks and washboard.  It was 1:30, the very heat of the day, and it is hot! 

We followed the directions on the map and made the 3 miles to the entrance of the refuge and had another 14 miles to go.  Just as we entered the park, a white truck comes in to view.  He pulled off the one lane road and I pulled up beside him and rolled down my window, as did he.  I asked him if there were any petroglyphs at the end of this road.  He said “No, there isn’t.” I was on the wrong road.  I am supposed to go 10 miles north on hwy 85 to the Barry M. Goldwater Proving Grounds and it is just a mile off the road in an old crater range.

Saguaros are big!
Saguaros are big!

We have a problem.  We need a combination to the gate to get into the proving grounds and to get that, Dolly and I need to watch a little movie at the refuge center and then Beverly would give me the map and the combination to get in.  But, the center is closed today because it is a federal holiday.

Drove back out the 3 miles of deep ruts, rocks and washboard and went to Olsen’s IGA , got groceries and water and went home for the rest of the day.  

Marine Motel
The Marine Motel across the street from Olsen’s IGA


Church just down the road from Olsen's IGA 
Just down the road from Olsen’s IGA
Eat at Munchies!
Eat at Munchies!

We will do better tomorrow, I promise.

See you later.

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