Thursday, February 27, 2014

Old Tombstone

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today, the three of us headed for Old Tombstone.  As we headed out of the RV park, I took a picture of the Dragoon Mountains straight east of us. Dragoon Mountains Can you see the lamb on the side of the Dragoon Mountain?See the sheep on Dragoon Mountains?

While driving into Tombstone, off to our right is a hill with the “T” on it like so many of the towns in the west."T" Mountain

We headed first to the old Tombstone Courthouse that is now a museum.  However, they would not allow Fergie to come in, so we moved on.Tombstone Courthouse

Our next stop was the Rose Tree Hotel.  The gentleman welcomed Fergie, so in we went.  Turned out to be very interesting.  There was a lot of history of Tombstone within those walls.  There is a rose tree in the back patio that was planted in 1886 and came from Scotland.Support for Rose Tree Vines

We then walked down the boardwalks of Allen Street, where all the restored old buildings of Tombstone are located. 

Virgil Earp
Virgil Earp walking Allen street.
Allen Street Tombstone Allen Street Tombstone Allen Street
Bird Cage Theatre
Long Horn Restaurant
Stage coaches on Allen Street
Stage Coach waiting for passengers
Stage coach waiting for passengers.
Golden Eagle Brewery
Golden Eagle Brewery

Tombstone is interesting for a one time visit, but it has a flavor of tourism, so you don’t really get the feel of an “old western town”.  However, the buildings are authentic and worth the walk down Allen Street.

As we were leaving town, we drove down some back streets and came upon this pretty Episcopal Church.Tombstone Episcopal Church

Returned to the motorhome for lunch and rested awhile.  Then Dolly and Fergie did laundry while I headed out down Charleston Road to find the ghost towns of Millville and Charleston on the San Pedro River south of Tombstone.  Will save this adventure till tomorrow.

See you later.

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