Saturday, January 18, 2020

Laundry day and visit to Borrego Springs, California

Truckhaven BLM near Salton City, California

This morning I again woke with the sun around 7 o'clock.  It's already warming up to near 50 and it's going to be another georgeous day with temperatures in the 70's.  Don't you just love it?

Took Yuma for his early morning walk and then my normal breakfast with cereal this morning.  I've had so many readers sending in comments asking how I made hot coffee and ten Ritz crackers with peanut butter and cheese, I thought I would just show you.
Delicious!  You should try it.
We are staying in an area that is very popular on the weekends.  These desert rats have been running around the hills and having a grand time!  Interesting to watch.

There are hundreds of them all around the Badlands. Must be a very popular recreation in Southern California.  Some of them are big buck machines not counting the motorhomes they drive here in to stay the weekend.  Just found out it's a three day weekend with a holiday on Monday.  Wonderful!

Around 11 o'clock, it was time.  What time?  You ask.  Time to do laundry, that's what time it is.  First time in seven weeks, so not doing bad.  You may ask how do you do that Doug but I'm sure you really don't want to know.  :))

This gave me a good excuse to drive the 30 miles into one of my favorite towns, so I didn't mind.  I have nothing better to do today anyway.  Lots of stuff to see.

The drive into Borrego Springs on S22 is just beautiful.  The town is completely surrounded by the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  If you ever have the opportunity be sure to come here.  You can spend weeks in this area and not see everything.
My first peek at Coyote Mountain and Clark Dry Lake as I come into the valley.

Another shot.

Looking back East towards the Badlands.
Looking ahead towards Coyote Mountain and the San Ysidro Mountains behind.
We're there.  Beautiful place and it was empty.  No waiting for washers or dryers.
I had just gotten my three washers going and stepped outside when I heard sirens and a fire truck zoomed by heading West towards the mountains.  I had my camera and ran to the curb to see where he was heading when I saw it.

There was smoke in Palm Canyon.  Not long after the first siren, a second went by, but this time it was an ambulance.  All the time I was washing there was commotion.  A helicopter flew over there and landed.  Soon, it took off again.  I wonder if I'll ever find out what happened.

As I was waiting for the laundry to do it's thing, Yuma and I walked around the hotel complex.  It is set-up like a western town.  Pretty neat and makes for wonderful pictures.

Took another look to the West and it appears the fire is under control.  Looking at those bare mountains, I don't think we have to worry about it spreading outside the canyon.   Sure hope it doesn't scorch the beautiful Palm trees in the canyon.

Font's Point off to the East of Borrego Springs.

Once laundry was done and folded we went to Christmas Circle so Yuma could play in the grass.
Metal sculptures across the street.

Wow!  Green grass everywhere.

Stay away from that weird fellow Yuma!  Where?  asks Yuma.
The last place we went on our way home was to make a quick visit to Font's Point.   It overlooks the whole Borrego Springs Valley.

The wash to the point is not bad.  Any vehicle can make it.  Just stay on the road.
Just a pretty view out my window.
Looking back to the North at Clark Dry Lake with Coyote Mountain on the left and the Santa Rosa Mountains behind and on the right.
 Now for the point.  You are looking straight down to the Badlands.  One false step and it would be a bad landing. :((
Just gorgeous is all you can say!

Looking East towards the Salton Sea at the top.

Clark Dry Lake again.

And again.
Are you lucky or what!  I can't go on any further, my camera battery went dead! :((

Guess Yuma and I will head on home.  See you later.


  1. Great pictures of Borrego Springs and the beautiful Garlands. I hope none of the palms were burned, too. It's amazing to see them growing up the canyon walls. Glad you got your laundry done. 😁 Hey, you look like a biker dude!

    1. Thanks Dolly. More like a bicycle dude. I hope the fire didn't cause harm or too much damage. Nice to have everything clean again.

  2. The fire was at the 1st grove in Borrego Palm Canyon. The palm trees are pretty resilient and should recover, cause is not yet known.
    "The sweepings of the earth" ~Padre Font. A very apt description. The movie "Last Days in the Dessert" was filmed there. Lame movie, but a great location.

    1. Good to know the fire didn't hurt too much. Interesting about the movie. If you like stark, the Badlands are it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lorne. Really, they aren't pictures. I have an oil painter with me that does these portraits. :))

  4. Borrego Springs California is one of our all time favorite places and we well know that little laundry place. An easy to get around little town with no traffic lights. There's plenty to see and do here in Borrego Springs and the surrounding Anza Borrego State Park.

    1. It remains the same year after year and that's one of the reasons I come here. A little adjustment on the boondocking but that's happening most everywhere.

  5. Very cool! We visited Borrego Springs a couple of years ago. Amazing area! We left the beach at La Jolla where it was 60 degrees and after an hour and half drive over the mountains to Borrego Springs where it was just over a hundred degree!!

    1. Thanks Steve. Whoa, I think I'd rather stay on the beach side in the summer. Wouldn't be hiking that's for sure.

  6. The palm grove was completely engulfed. Not sure they can come back from that. Haven't heard yet if it was started on purpose or not. The badlands? I have to go there. Can you give me directions? That's an amazing landscape.

    1. Thanks Nancy. Just go to the stoplight at Salton City and turn West on S22. Goes to Borrego Springs. Sign to Font's Point on left about 15 miles in. You drive through the Badlands to get there on S22.

  7. I'm sure by now you've seen Al's blog about the palms burning. He posted some photos of them fully engulfed. It's kind of strange you being in Borrego Springs to do laundry during this sad event. Good pictures of you & Yuma enjoying the amazing green grass of Christmas Circle. 😎

    1. Thanks Moonfly. I was surprised it made the news.

  8. Hope you've had the chance to view all the Metal Sculptures in the desert.
    Unfortunately those beautiful Palm Trees were severely burnt. Can only imagine it was caused by a human.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No sculptures this year. Got so many in previous years, just lost interest. May have to put a link out for those who've never seen them. If some dumb head started the fire, I hope they throw them in jail and fine the heck out of them.

  9. Great pictures Doug. Your new camera was well worth it.

  10. I always enjoy that little part of Borrego Springs, very western and quaint. Very nice laundry facility, clean and easy to find.
    I enjoyed the photos out over the badlands. I would want to follow each trail to see where it goes. Haha. I'll bet Yuma enjoyed the grass under his paws!!

    1. Yuma enjoyed being on the grass. He smelled every bush and tree and left his mark for next time.