Monday, March 15, 2021

Day of catching up and a new visitor

 Again, last night it got down to just below freezing.  I got up at 4:30 and thought I would beat the freezing pipes by turning the water pump on and moving water through the pipes, but I was too late.  No water movement.  Oh well!  I tried.  Turned up the heat and put a Buddy propane heater in front of the open kitchen under sink cabinets and went back to bed.

Woke up at 7 o'clock and checked the water and still no movement, so just laid in bed reading blogs and the news till 8 o'clock and texted Dolly to let her know I was up and going for the day.  That way she knows I'm still alive and visa versa 😏

Yuma just goes from the bed to the couch to wait for breakfast.  Such is a dog's life😍

Before I go further I want to show the rest of yesterdays pictures of the horse endurance event.

Looks like a father-daughter team.  Bet she is having a blast even in the cold!

Not really knowing who is ahead in the race I made a guess the two following riders were definitely leaders galloping for the home stretch.  Out of all them, these two were really moving at the end of their race.

A large group came in shortly after the other two.

This has been my third year I have been lucky enough to stop in the grasslands the weekend of the horse competition and even though I'm not a rider, I do love to watch the beautiful animals pass by.  I hope you have enjoyed watching them too.  Hopefully, there will be another March in the Grasslands in our future.

As I was getting ready for breakfast, I looked out my window for Red but no Red😔  But I did see movement and up popped the head of a beautiful young Gila Woodpecker peeking back at me😁  A little red on its head.  

This little guy wasn't afraid at all.  Just climbed up and down the tree trunk looking for breakfast.   It stayed at the tree while I was making breakfast and when I went outside that little guy made the biggest racket as it flew off.  Did not like me interrupting breakfast😡

I fixed some crackers and coffee and soon Yuma wanted to go outside.  Should have known he just wanted to go over and see Tom and Deb.  He raced over and Tom opened the door and our day of visiting began.  They had their coffee going and since they didn't have their mat out, we came over to my place to drink coffee and talk.

The morning was beautiful sitting out in the sun just whiling the morning away talking about everything.  Before we knew it was time for lunch break and we headed inside.  Looked at my cellphone and I had a message from Nancy Kissack Adventures she had written asking if I was going to be home.  I had not checked my messages and it was an hour old.  Nancy lives about an hour away, so I looked out the window and there was this white truck coming up the road.  Guess who?

No lunch, more conversation.  This time we sat outside Tom and Deb's coach.  We all talked about everything under the sun and tried to give Nancy some boondocking tips since she just bought a 5th wheel and wants to experience the adventure of living on the fringes of society😂

Mid afternoon, clouds started building and winds picked up so we went inside and continued our conversations.  This time a little politics popped up but we all made it through without damage😀

Nancy is still not sure if she will bring her new home down this week, so we have to wait and see.  Before we knew it the 5 o'clock bell rang and Nancy headed for home and we were in for the night.

I decided to have dinner before working on my post.  Got that done and once I post his to the internet it will be time for dessert and bed.  Busy day with great company in the grasslands.  Can't beat that!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. More pictures of the beautiful horses. You can't beat that! That woodpecker was a little guy.. I was expecting a much bigger one.. it was very cute- and curious, it seems. I'm glad you had the morning to visit with friends before the wind cooled things off. Hopefully, no frozen pipes.

    1. Thank you Dolly. The Gila Woodpecker sure was cute and made lots of noise when I would come around. Had a nice day visiting friends. Pipes are holding up with one more cold 1night to go.🥶

  2. I'm just catching up on yours and everyone's posts. Boy, I'm sure glad your snow didn't last, there is just something not right about that.
    Your first picture of company looks like everyone is ticked at something! ha ha
    The one with Nancy shows some happy faces though. Nice that everyone is close enough to get together for some chit chat and Happy Hours. 😍

    1. You know how it is some mornings. Just takes awhile to get the day up and going 😃 it was a nice surprise to have Nancy stop by and join us.

  3. I love those gila woodpeckers. Great pictures of the riders too. It was a last minute decision to drive out. I figured if you were gone, I'd just leave a note and come back later. It's such a nice drive. Glad I caught up with you. I need all the boon docking tips I can get!! I'm still working on the keeping the bird warm problem.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Sure glad you stopped by for a visit. I'm sure we can solve your Johnathan warming situation.

  4. Your social calendar is sure getting full! Cold nights but beautiful days to enjoy.

    1. Last cold night coming up thank goodness! If I don't watch it I'll lose my loner status🙂

  5. Nice that you had multiple visits today and not all from the same birds of a feather.
    That was a long time without eating. Careful your sugar doesn't get too low.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.