Saturday, January 1, 2022

Imperial Sand Dunes and Glamis, California

 Sorry to say I had inverter thoughts running through my head last night.  I had thought my problems were behind me when I removed a couple of cables and the inverter started working.  But, I noticed my batteries were dying and did some research.  Found out those cables hooked DC power to my batteries to charge them, so this morning I hooked them back up but did not turn my inverter on.  So, no solar power indoors ๐Ÿ˜  but solar power to charge my batteries ๐Ÿ˜€  I have an appointment with a mobile RV repair company to take a look at things on Wednesday.  Hopefully, they will fix me up!

We had a leisurely breakfast and then decided because it was a cool and windy day we would drive to Plank Road in the Imperial Sand Dunes.  Since my leisurely breakfast is much longer than Nick's, he went into Yuma and bought some needed items at Frys grocery.

We headed for the Dunes at 1 o'clock.

Because this is a holiday, I believe anyone who owned a vehicle that would go in the sand was out today!  I have never seen such a crowd.  As we were driving towards Plank Road, we could see that our Border Patrol was hard at work.

The wind was not affecting the sand too much.  We took a walk through the sand all the way around the part of Plank Road that has been preserved, but even that is on it's last legs in the environment.

Recreation of what the original road looked like.

Original road

Yuma loves running in the sand.

The Plank Road is only about a quarter of a mile from the wall, so we drove the Jeep through the sand to get a closer view.

Then Nick got a real close view.  Can you read the sign?

After leaving the area and heading back to I-8 I said to Nick that we should visit Glamis, California.  I thought it was about 10 miles further west, but when I checked the map I found it was 43 miles away and north of us in the Dunes.  We had to take a round about way to get there because there are no roads going north and south through the dunes.

Border Patrol on guard.

AS we neared Glamis, we were driving through some large dunes and mad a quick stop at a view point on top of one.

Now this guy is ready for anything!

We reached Glamis and this place was packed with everything that moves in the sand and so many young people enjoying the New Year!

These folks out west know how to have a great time!  After browsing the tents for awhile and people watching it was time for the 40 minute ride home.  

We got home right at 4:30 and we had no more than gotten in the door before Yuma was barking to go to Happy Hour at the tent.  Yuma gets so many snacks at Happy Hour he knows when it's time ๐Ÿ˜€
A little cool so Shane turned up the heat.
As usual, we forgot to put anything out for dinner, so tonight it was hotdogs and ham sandwiches.  Right after this blog I am going to have dessert and then off to bed.  Long day but a fun one in the sun.  

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  1. I'm sorry you're having so many inverter problems. Hopefully, they'll be solved Wednesday. Your day at the dunes looks like it was fun. Quite a crowd at Glamis, even for a holiday. Yuma loves the sand - and treats! Silly boy. I hope you have more clear days ahead.

    1. Lots of sun ahead and warmer too. At least I'm slowly narrowing down the problem. Hopefully the repairman will see and fix the problem quickly.

  2. How funny. I sent you the picture of my baby cousin before I knew you had gone to the dunes. was a busy busy day at the dunes. Will you be taking Nick to Slab City? I told Jerry I wanted to go to Slab City. He told me "no". Lol....Elva

    1. You know my thoughts ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Wouldn't miss showing Nick Slab City and Salvation Mountain. On my list.

  3. Yikes ... that's a lot of people!! The guy on the cat-track was probably getting paid to push out everyone who got stuck! LOL. Nick should have smiled and waved to the Border Patrol cameras when he was standing at the fence. I'm glad to see Border Patrol doing their thing. Good luck on the inverter stuff. I'm interested to know what the problem is.

    1. A cat-track. So that's what that monster is. I'm sure it can do the job. Saw several Border Patrol apprehensions so they're certainly busy. Glad Nick wasn't one of them๐Ÿ˜ Me to on the inverter.

  4. Looks like there might be some new sand toys to play with after Christmas. Like others I too am curious as to the cause of your inverter issue.

    1. A lot of expensive toys in Glamis on the first. Lots of activities going on in the tent city in the middle of the dunes. I can't wait for Wednesday to learn what's going on with the solar system.

  5. Looks like fun on the dunes for those into that but it would be hard walking. :)
    Nick was brave breaking the rules! haha
    Deb looks like she's dressed for a winter storm!

    1. It is hard to walk in the sand but not for Yuma. He loves it. I was 100 feet back so I was safe๐Ÿ˜€