Sunday, February 13, 2022

Super Bowl Sunday

 All plans today lead to the Super Bowl.  Wanted to sleep late this morning, but Yuma was ready to get up at 9 o'clock so that's what we did.  We took a walk around the same territory of a few weeks ago.  Then Yuma noticed Tom and Deb outside their RV and went over to say good morning.

I was a little slower.  Had to get coffee made and my morning crackers before heading over for a morning visit.  After awhile I was back setting up my solar panels and getting everything charged.  Yesterday, I was delinquent on that chore and my two back-up batteries were quite low.

Nick and I spent the rest of the pre- afternoon and afternoon till 3:30 just enjoying the very nice weather.  At 3:30, we followed Tom and Deb over to Shane and Cathy's place for the football game.

Cathy and Shane had snacks ready for the beginning of the game and then the main course at half-time.   Their food along with the salad Deb brought was almost too much for me.  It was all so good I'm going to be hurting all night.  Can't blame anyone but myself for being a pig😋.

I wasn't really strong for either team but had picked the Bengals and of course they lost in the last minute of the game.  Oh well!

Cathy, Deb, Tom, Nick and Shane.

Now back to reality.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I only watched for the commercials, which were awful!! I was hoping the Bengals would win, just because I'm not a Rams fan. I guess we both lost!! I'm with you on overeating ... every time I do, I'm up all night long.

  2. Good you got together with your friend for the Super Bowl! Good game. I had a hard time rooting against either of the teams.

  3. It was a good Super Bowl game. I was rooting for Engals, just because they were the underdogs. Besides, Joe Burrow is better looking than Matthew Stafford. 😆 NO good commercials and the halftime show was terrible. On to baseball season!

  4. Nice to spend time enjoying the game with friends.
    You have a See Food addiction just like me.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. The Bengals might have had a chance if the ref would have noticed that the Rams were offside at 3rd and goal.
    I'm with Nancy ... on to baseball. Go PADRES!

  6. Not a football fan, but Cincinnati had come together for the team and that was good to see. Did not watch the game but my daughter-in-law had was watching it on a tablet and we were hoping they could pull it off. Would have been good for our city.