Monday, November 7, 2022

Down and Up Day!

This morning, Yuma and I were up with the sun.  I had to figure out why the engine doesn’t start.  We had a short walk on another beautiful morning and then some breakfast.  Cute quails looking for breakfast too!

Then out to the battery bay I went.  It got very warm quickly, as I was working on the sunny side of the White Lion.  I took the two new batteries out for the third or fourth time and this time I saw a tangle of cables and wires behind the batteries when I pulled the tray out.

Oh, my gosh, they are the cables to the starter.  Boy, did I feel like a Fool with a capital “F”.  Grabbed those and hooked all of them up on the positive post and all the remaining cables and went inside to start it up.  NOTHING!  I don’t know how much more of this stupidity I can handle!

Took the cables and wires off for the umteenth time and I noticed one of the wires had length to it.  Enough to go to the negative post, so I hooked it up there and put all the cables and wires back on the batteries and went inside to start the WL up.

VOILA!  I couldn’t believe my ears.  The White Lion roared to life!  It was only 9:30, so I called Sam at CAT to let him know I was ready to send him the check engine code when he tells me how to do it.  Wasn’t long before he gave me a call and told me what buttons to push to get the two position fault codes. There were two:   61 and 39.   

Later in the afternoon, Sam sends me a page out of the fault codes manual with the two codes highlighted.  I won’t bore you with the detail, but the older one was from when it quite on me in March and the newer one is telling me there is a high coolant temperature. 

I believe the engine temperature sensor must be acting up because the gauge on my dash always looks good.  Now I’ve just got to find that guy and replace it.  I’m also going to watch my coolant level closely to make sure it is full.  Still have a smoking problem, but I’m just going to drive it till it clears up or dies.  My only two choices again.

Kay came out when she heard the racket, and she decided to check my tires for safety.  The front ones are brand new, but when she looked at the rear tires which are old, she nearly fainted looking at the huge cracks in the tires on both sides.  I have no idea what the inner ones look like.

So, tomorrow, first light, I’m heading twelve miles to a tire shop Kay recommended.  Maybe more money going down the drain, but I can’t afford not to.

It was nearing 6 o’clock when Yuma and I made a run for antifreeze and our favorite dinner, KFC! Beautiful full moon over the Superstition Mountains and the sunset on the WL.

I’m watching Monday Night Football and I’m the only one with New Orleans. It might be a mistake.  

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Deb. Hope to make it your way tomorrow afternoon. Let you know if I can't.

  2. You were up early today! I'm glad to hear things seem to be working now. Off tomorrow for new tires. Beautiful sunset pictues.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Hopefully not buying tires for a lost cause. Still smoking. But the WL runs good so far.

  3. I think you are well on the way to having your WL just fine.For future reference when tackling these RV projects,a pic or two on your phone will show how it should be on reassembly.Cheers.

  4. Awesome sauce!!!! You definitely need new tires. Be sure and have them show you the date codes on the tires (when they were made) before they install them. Tires should be replaced every six years. The tread may look great, but it's the cracks in the sidewalls that will get you in a wreck. YAY!! I'm so excited you're back on the road!!

  5. Good luck today, hoping it's not too expensive but...Glad you got her started!

  6. Happy that you got the WL started. Very happy that Kay came out and checked your tires. I agree with two comments from above, check the date code on the side of the tire and take a picture or two with your phone before taking something apart, it really makes things easier when putting something back together.

  7. Nice troubleshooting! You make it sound easy :)
    Trust you'll get the coolant issue warning light resolved, too.

  8. Getting the White Lion running without good tires is kind of pointless but I'm sure happy she started. :) Get them tires replaced and sleep better tonight!

  9. Next time. Before you remove any wires from anything either label the wires with where they go of use your camera to take several pictures.

  10. P.S. really like those last to pictures, beautiful.

  11. I too am keeping my fingers crossed for you Doug.