Saturday, November 19, 2022

Slow day and more cleaning

 I am slowly getting into the groove here in the desert.  I awoke again with the sun and did my Wordle and Phrazle games.  It wasn't till around 9:30 before Yuma wanted me out of bed now.  

It was sunny but quite a bit of wind all night and this morning.  It felt cold in the wind, so I just opened the door and let Yuma wander around till he came in for breakfast.

Little later as I was lying in the lounger with my coffee, Deb came back into camp after her long walk and sat down for a little chat.

She had mittens on and Yuma had never seen those before.
When all my breakfast was done and Deb had left, I finally got up and finished cleaning the bathroom and my bedroom.  Now I didn't do this all in one run.  I had to take breaks and lie outside in the sun.  Just feels so good.  I have the WL's door facing the south and the wind is out of the north, so I'm shielded from the wind.

The day went quickly, with occasional visits from Deb and Riley and walks with Yuma.

The three amigos
In the late afternoon before dinner, I plastered the cracks in the coolant overflow tank with the remainder of my Epoxy and I'm hoping that solves my overheating problem for good.  We will see when I head for Yuma in a week or so.

I forgot to thaw hamburgers for me and Yuma, so we had delicious hotdogs again.  They are yummy.  Yuma ate his hotdog with his dogfood and then came over to me and started barking, wanting mine.  That little pig!

Nothing on TV and Yuma and I are ready for bed, so I'm calling it a night at 7:30.  Me and Yuma are heading out with Deb for her morning walk, so I have to be up and ready by 9.  

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's a good thing Deb's there to get you out of your lounge chair. Your morning walk tomorrow should get your circulation going. Love to see those three amigos. Yuma does love his hot dogs. 🌭 Hopefully it will be a little warmer tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Walking is great. Can't keep up with Deb yet but I'll work at it.

  2. I think it's been chilly everywhere. I'm with you Doug ... my couch is right comfy!

    1. Won't be long before the weather is back in the seventies. That's the good thing about Arizona.

  3. Yes we are and the weather is nice except for a little wind.