Sunday, November 27, 2022

Short day - Short post

 Woke up at 6:30 raring to go, so I went through my Wordle games in record time and it was still dark and cold out.  Luckily, no wind.  I took a quick picture of the rising sun and decided to lay back and just rest a bit and wait for the sun to warm things up.

Next thing I knew, it was 9:30, the sun was way up and it was already quite warm out.  I'm already behind for the day.

I let Yuma out and jumped on the dishes that have been waiting a week for me to do.  Yuma, didn't like me doing that, so I got dressed and took him for a walk and then gave him his treats.  He's very demanding and wanted me to sit outside and give him pets, so I did.  My little Hummingbird made another appearance.

For most of the day, I laid around in the sun and then I would get up off my butt and rearrange things in the bays till I was happy.  Tomorrow is moving day, so I have to get it done today.

Deb, Riley, Yuma and I made a run over to the road that we took yesterday and looked over the campsites, just in case we have an occasion to return to this area on the way home.

Took a few more walks, but barely made 5000 steps today, but that's okay.  There's always tomorrow.  By late afternoon I had everything packed the way I wanted it, and I've got lots more room than I have ever had before.  Nice feeling not to have everything just crammed in.

Deb and I were taking a late afternoon walk when my phone alarm went off.  It was a reminder that Yellowstone is on at 6 o'clock, so we headed back.  It was a good one, as always and I even enjoyed Tulsa King with Sylvester Stalone as it was better this week.  Might have to continue watching it.

Time to finish this post and go to bed.  I'm a little anxious, hoping the White Lion starts in the morning, so my boondocking adventure can continue.  We'll know by 10 o'clock in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I did another day in the garage and still not done. But I did find our missing awesome shower heads but now, he is not here to install them. I also found a couple ceiling light fixture and then all the closet brackets too. Tmmrw I will do another day in the garage. I’m sure the WL will start. Pet Yuma for me I sure miss opening the front door and not seeing him!

    1. Glad you're being active and getting the things that need to be done. Yuma is a sweetie and he really liked staying at your place and so did I. You were right. The WL started right up and we were off.

  2. A quiet day for sure. We like those.
    I have no doubt the WL will start and be eager to roll on down the road to warmer temps.


    1. With two thumbs up what could go wrong. Thanks for all your support as I have struggled through all the WL issues. It started right up.