Sunday, November 20, 2022

Enjoying everyday boondocking things

This morning I was out the door at 9 o'clock for my walk with Deb.  It is a beautiful morning, a little on the brisk side but very sunny.  Perfect for a walk.  Yuma is always happy to go hiking.
Yuma runs a mile in circles before we even get started.

He's circling us now.
We are heading about a mile west into the desert so Deb can show me where she, Riley, Deb and Tom stayed three years ago before Covid.  It is about a mile and a half from hwy 95.
Our destination.  This Saguaro was green when she last visited three years ago, before Covid.

We headed back and I had walked about one and three quarters of a mile, but Deb's goal is three miles each morning, so she kept walking.  My ankle was giving me just a twinge, so I decided to continue my walk later to get my three miles in.

I had a leisurely breakfast when I returned and just laid outside in the lounger enjoying this beautiful weather and landscape.  It was about noon, when Deb and Riley came out for a short walk and I joined them.  Few more steps on the Pedometer app on my phone.

Around 2:30, Yuma and I took another walk, this time for about a mile.
Those are a portion of the Kofa Mountains where the Palm Tree Canyon is located.

Plomosa Mountains in the background.

Our camp west of the Kofa Mountains.

In the picture above I am quite far from camp and I have zoomed in making the mountains look closer.

Tonight is Yellowstone on Paramount+, so before it started at 6 o'clock, I fixed Yuma dinner and grilled myself two hamburgers.  While eating dinner, I watched the show and now I'm finishing my post for the evening.  

It is already past 8 o'clock and soon we will lie down and rest for the evening.  Yuma is ready for bed already.  He's had a fairly active day.  Me too!

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  1. What a nice relaxing day you had. It looked like a perfect day for hiking. The mountain pictures are really beautiful. Always good to see the saguaros.

  2. Sure wish I had Yuma's energy and enthusiasm! Enjoy those dark skies, friends, and the warmth of the desert southwest.

  3. I love your header photo of WL and USA flag! Long may she wave! Thanks!

  4. It was a very relaxing day. Yuma is a busy fella.


  5. You fixed the blog! Congrats. A perfect boon docking day. I bet Yuma does five times the mileage you do!!!

  6. That Yuma and his energy, he looks so happy to be running around! Nice to be getting out and enjoying!