Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Got a very good night’s sleep in the MH last night and now refreshed and ready for a busy day eating.  I am at Bill and Dixie’s house in Holiday Island, a small retirement community just north of Eureka Springs.  Dixie is Evan and Andy’s mother and he and Evan and Andy come down with their families every Thanksgiving to visit.  Dixie’s husband is a great cook and he put together a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family.Bill and Dixie Evan, Lulu, Meghan, Leah, Andy Tyler, Erin, Lane playing poolLulu, Sadie, Benny, DixieThe cooks: Jeff, Nancy, Bill with Meghan helpingWatching football
Dixie and Bill have a beautiful home overlooking a valley in the Arkansas hills.  The view from their back porch is breath taking.View from their back porchPhoto from bach porch

View from back porch
Squirrels in the front yard and me parked out front.Gray squirrel MH and Jeep out front

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you later.

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