Thursday, November 27, 2014

On to Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We woke up to snow this morning in the Walmart parking lot.  It was around the freezing mark and the snow was thick and wet.  Took awhile, but we were on the road in the snow. Snowing in Rolla Snowing in Rolla
It continued for about 40 miles south.Snowing on I44
We saw several vehicles in the ditch.  They just don’t slow down and the bridges in these hills are slick.




It cleared up and the sun came out.  Before we knew it, the temperature was 50, but windy.  

Arkansas foothillsWe zig zagged around Table Rock Lake as we made our way to Bill and Dixie’s house.

Table Rock LakeWe arrived around 1:30 and spent the rest of the day resting, talking and playing with the kids.  By the time dinner was over I was definitely ready to sleep in my bed, parked out in front of the house.  Hooked an extension cord to the house and I was asleep before I knew it. 


See you later.