Sunday, November 23, 2014

Packing Day

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It is a cloudy and rainy day here in Bloomington.  However, it is fairly warm (mid fifties), so a good day to pack the MH.  Got my list ready to check off as I go through the day.  Will wait till Tuesday morning to finish up with the food.  Tomorrow, I will turn on the fridge so it will be ready to be filled with stuff.  Tomorrow is also the day I am going to pack all my clothes. 

The current plan is for Evan, Kristi and the grandkids to come by here after Evan gets off work late in the afternoon on Tuesday.  We will leave from here and drive to Rolla, Missouri and spend the night at the Walmart parking lot.

This afternoon, I tied the two batteries down and connected a positive and negative cable to the batteries and ran them up into the MH under the bench seat to where I have placed the inverter.  Wanted to get the outside work done today while it is still fairly warm.  Tomorrow will be much colder, so I will work inside the MH to tie down the inverter and lastly, hook the two cables to it and then it will be ready to use.  Have to wait till the sun comes back before I can test the solar panel.  May have to wait till I am on the road before that happens.

Early this evening, Jim and Sarah stopped by to wish me well on my trip.  They also surprised me with my Xmas gift a little early.  I now have one more new electronic gadget to play with while on my journey.  I now have a wonderful Garmin GPS to make sure I stay on the right road during my journey this winter.  I had a seven year old Magellan that didn’t allow map updates, so it was getting quite outdated.

Dolly and I played cards tonight and I was winning easily.  All I needed was 10 points and she needed 130.  I could not go out and she ended up with 195 points and went out to win the game.  It was a horrible loss for me!

Watched a little football and time for bed.

See you later.

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