Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Frigid Air is Coming

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Read the weather reports this morning and they are calling for a “Polar Vortex to Plunge Toward Central US Next Week”.  Decided we should winterize the MH today while it is still above freezing.  So, Dolly, Fergie went out and  cleared the lines of water with the air compressor and poured RV antifreeze down all the drains.  If we did it right, the MH should be ready for the cold.  I was hoping not to do this, but Mother Nature says differently.

The weather today is bad.  Cold and windy!  So, we have stayed inside and watched horror shows all day.  Dolly likes to watch them and I do when not on my computer. Cooper's Hawk  

As we were sitting here, we heard a commotion outside and a bird hit our window.  Went to look out the kitchen window, and there was a Cooper’s Hawk standing on our bird feeder eating a sparrow.  Took the photo with my smart phone, through a screen and window.  (He was done with the sparrow in this photo).

Rested for the rest of the afternoon, and after dinner, I beat Dolly again in Gin Rummy.  Now for some football and off to bed. 

See you later.

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