Friday, November 7, 2014

New Sony Camera

Friday, November 7, 2014

The sun was out this morning, so after breakfast, I started on the front lawn.  It needed cutting and the leaves collected, so off I went with the lawn mower with leaf bags attached.  The trees in the front yard have lost their leaves, so hopefully this will be the last time this year.Mowed front yard There are still leaves on the trees in the back yard, so will wait for another nice day to do it.

While I was cutting the yard, the UPS truck drove up, so I drove over on the mower and picked up my package.  It said Amazon, and indeed, it was my new camera.  Took it in the house and opened the box to make sure all the stuff was there, and it was.  Quickly read the manual to learn how to charge the battery, stuck it on the charger and went back outside to finish the front yard.

It was almost dark by the time the battery was charged,  so I read the Instruction Manual while waiting.   Today, I wanted to know how to:


Take a photo




Review the photos on the camera


Download to a folder


Delete photos on camera


Edit in software of my choice


Photo using the timer

I was successful.  Here are some samples.

Fergie Railroad grain storage building

Close-up of Fergie

Zoom of grain elevator

Backyard view  

View from backyard


 I forgot to get a photo of the grain elevator in normal setting, but it is a long way off.  I will never learn everything this camera has to offer, but I will slowly work at it over the coming months.

Dolly and I played a game of Gin Rummy and I got beat badly.  Learned to use the timer though.Playing Rummy

Watched Amazing Race followed by Gold Rush and then it was time to hit the sack.


See you later.

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