Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jeep Trip to Ole Two Finger

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This morning started as another beautiful sunny day with the high to be in the mid 60s.  Looking out to my west and seeing ole two finger this morning gave me the idea to just take the jeep and follow any road I could find that would get me close to it.  The mountains are probably about three or four miles away as the crow flies, but that is not how the roads go around here.Ole two finger to the west

Had my breakfast, got the place cleaned up and then took a break till about noon and then got in the jeep and headed out.

I kept going west on Bates Well Road I had followed the other day, till it started going south and I wanted to go west.  Here is what the side roads look like around here.

Three miles of this can take quite awhile.  I was barely moving and some of the small washes in the road required 4 wheel drive to get through.  They say not to travel alone, but what can another person do, walk with me if I get stuck.  Maybe this is the reason.image

Kept driving till I went between the two mountains that I can see from camp.  Here is ole two finger up close with me looking at it from the north and slightly west of it.  This is the backside of what I see from my camp.image

This is the other mountain to the north of old two finger that I can see from camp.  It is north of where I am standing.image
This is as far as I can go by jeep.  I have hit the fence that tells me I have reached the east border of the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge.  I have made my goal, so I see no sense walking far into the refuge.  If I were 20 years younger, I would climb old two finger and take a photo of my camp, but if I fell and broke a leg, I would wish there were someone with me to go get help.

Just inside the fence there is a water trough the refuge has installed to help the wildlife during the hot summer days out here.  There may be no natural water holes for miles in here.image

Looking to the southwest into the refuge, I can see it is beautiful and rugged country.  Those are the Growler Mountain range in the distance.image

The sun is starting to cast a long shadow, so time to head east.


See you later.

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