Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yuma Proving Ground

Sunday, December 21, 2014

imageThis morning after breakfast and the necessary dish washing, I took a short walk up the road along the canal and then climbed a hill overlooking the area.  You can see my camp off in the distance looking east away from the lake.image

Looking northeast I could see the Yuma Proving Ground and Dome Mountain.imageimageimage

Don’t want to go far today, so I decided to take a drive to the Yuma Proving Ground and take a look around.  It is just a few miles to the east and northeast as the crow flies but about 8 miles by road.  All day and all night I can hear booms, so I know they are busy doing something.

Went north on the dirt road along the canal for about 5 miles and came out on highway 24 that I found yesterday.  I first went left for about three miles to the Imperial Dam area.imageimage

Then I went back to the east toward the Proving Ground.  This road takes me right past the entrance to it.  In fact there are several entrances along the highway.  The two photos below are on each side of one of the entrances.  If you go about 7 miles further, you run into highway 95 that goes up to Quartzsite.imageimage

As I continued down highway 24, I found an exhibit in the desert of some of the artillery used at this Army base.  The name on the plaque was “The Wahner E. Brooks Historical Exhibit”.  Below are photos of just some of the artillery on display.


That is all I did for the day.


See you later.






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