Saturday, December 27, 2014

Went to the Pound

Saturday, December 27, 2014

I just stuck around the camp yesterday and most of today.  I did do a of couple  things yesterday.  I remembered to go to the dry cleaners and pick up my western coat that was promised for today.  Sure enough it was ready when I got there at 3pm.  The coat is beautiful, too bad the guy wearing it messes up the flavor.  Cost me almost as much to have it dry cleaned as it was to buy it at the flea market.













I also stopped the lake to get some after the fire photos.  Didn’t look too bad.  I am sure that lake brush will grow back rather quickly.imageimage

Today, I am now feeling like my old self and not hobbling around like I was yesterday.  I decided to go into town, get gas and food, so I will be ready to leave when the urge strikes.

As I was driving toward Yuma on Imperial Road, I saw a sign indicating that Picacho State Park was 15 miles to the north.  I went for about 4 miles on a very dusty and wash board road and took a photo of Picacho Peak and turned back around.imageimage

But before I did my errands I ran by the Humane Society of Yuma to look at the dogs they had for adoption. image


There was this one young 10 month to a year old male dog I really liked.  He didn’t have a name, so I named him Yuma.  Real original, heh?  Yuma was a stray picked up on the streets of Yuma just last week.  He seems to be very smart and curious. He is also a jumper.  Jumped out of the five foot cage he was in and into a cage with another dog to play, they told me. 

He is a little younger than what I was looking for.  I wanted one that I could be sure is potty trained and I don’t know about Yuma.

There are a couple of hitches to buying Yuma.  First, my wife doesn’t know about this long term plan and neither does Fergie.  Secondly, he has not been neutered yet and that will not happen till next Friday.  That means sticking around for another week.  Cannot adopt him till he is fixed.  That’s the rules and they’re sticking to them.

I left with no hold or guarantee that he would still be available if I decide to buy him.  I will wait till Dolly has seen my blog and get her reaction to those beautiful photos of that lovable pet.  I am in no hurry to get to Quartzsite, so I could stick around here if need be.

We will see what happens.  See you later.



  1. I think that's a perfect name for that little feller if things work out:))

  2. He is a cutie and seems smart. Hoping to get a dog that can be my Pheebs. Hard to match him.

  3. He looks cute! He looks a little bigger than a lap dog!

    1. Kinda medium size I think. He won't get much taller, just heavier. I'm sure Fergie can handle him.