Thursday, December 18, 2014

First look at Mittry Lake

Thursday, December 18, 2014


It was quite foggy when I awoke this morning.  The sun was just starting to burn its way through.  Looks to be another gorgeous day in the mid 60s.

Still don’t have AT&T service here, so I will look around the lake and see if there are any better places.  I really like this one because it is so secluded, very quiet with a nice view.  The sun is slowly providing sunlight to my MH.image

The view from behind my MH looking west across the lake is beautiful.image

Had several visitors this morning looking for a handout.  Only caught this one through my window.imageI don’t know what it is but it looks like a Thrush of some kind.

Here is another photo looking west from my motorhome a little later in the morning after the fog wore off.imageimage

View looking east from the MH.image

Looking to the south past the MH.  I think those mountains are the reason I can’t get cell reception from Yuma.image

A few photos of a peaceful canal running around Mittry Lake.  imageimage

As I drove around the lake this afternoon looking for a better home with AT&T reception, I took photos of the lake.  This one shows how much marsh there is.  It is a haven for birds.image


Looking northeast across the lake.image

I drove all around the lake and the reception is bad everywhere.  I think the mountains surrounding this area are the reason.  The spot I have is the second best one on the lake and the first one has already been taken.  I was surprised  how many people are camping here so close to Christmas.  I was lucky to find my home.  There are not many places available.

Caught me taking another siesta.image

I can hear the coyotes howling, so time to call it a night.   Heard them this morning too.  There must be a lot of them in this area.  Hope you like the photos of this lake and surrounding area.

See you later.

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