Chloride, New Mexico

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My location:  San Mateo Mountains Northwest of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

(Continued from yesterday)

Yesterday, I was in search of the elusive Springtime CG and finally got there and turned down the lane to go the half mile to see the campground.  I must say, the forestry service did an excellent job of making this place look nice.

There are small three-sided protective log structures with concrete tables outside the openings.  There must have been about 10 of them around the area nestled in the Pine trees.  The sound of the wind blowing through them was quite soothing.  This is where I need to be on such a hot day.There was not a soul there and I wasn’t surprised because of the tough road to get there.  No way, I could get the RV up here though.



There is an Apache Kid Wilderness Trail leading up to San Mateo Peak, but it is 4 1/2 miles.  I knew I couldn’t hike that far uphill, but we did hike about a mile of it.   I was hoping to break out of the pines and get a shot of the peak, but never happened.



Yuma had the best time running up and down that trail.  I was afraid he was going to kill himself.


We did pass the spring the camp is named for though.  I couldn’t believe as we were walking up the trail, water streamed across.  And just a few feet above the trail, I could hear a bubbling sound.  I looked to see where the sound was coming from, and right next to a large Pine tree, there was a small rock formation and spring water was bubbling to the surface from a very small hole in the rock formation.



Well, that’s it for Springtime Campground.  Will never go there again, but it was fun to do once.

Just as we got back on the road to head for home, I had to swerve to miss this guy.  He laid there motionless, hoping I wouldn’t see him, just like the king snake I saw earlier.  This guy is a Racer.  Very slender and about three feet in length.  When I touched its tail, it was gone in an instant.


The 14 miles of forest road leaving the campground to the desert was not near as bad as the way we came in.  It followed Chaunte Canyon all the way down to hwy 1.  However, there were some very rough washes making it impossible for me to bring my RV to the campground.


It was a long, but beautiful 40 mile circle

----------------------------- Today’s post ----------------------------

This morning, Yuma and I didn’t rush our morning.  First, we took our walk and again we saw the cows the cattleman was looking for yesterday and couldn’t find.  Hopefully, he stops by today and I can tell him.

I sat around eating little white donuts and drinking coffee till around 10:30 and then had my breakfast.   I couldn’t believe it was getting so late.  We need to get going if we are going to get anything done today.   The wind outside is ferocious today.  There is a wind advisory for 15-25 mph with gusts to 50.

We decided to take a Jeep journey to Chloride, New Mexico.  About 60 miles away, it is an old silver mining town.  Now it is a very small tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere!

There were clouds and spitting a little rain as we pulled out around noon.  Dark clouds over the mountains looked ominous.  But we were determined to go.


We headed West on our forest road 139 and followed it for about five miles where it hit hwy 142  blacktop at the little tiny village of MonticelloHas a church and a fire station and some homes.



Followed hwy 142 for twelve miles until it dead ended into hwy 52.  Turned right towards Winston, 27 miles down the road.  Soon, we hit the blip in the highway named Cuchillo.  Nice historic home for sale.


The Old Cuchillo Bar and store.


We continued along the desert floor heading for the mountains ahead.


Soon, we were turning left and right, up and down as we made our way through canyons until we hit the small town of Winston.  Still black clouds and spitting rain.  Very windy the whole way, and of course we’re heading West and the wind is coming out of the Southwest. 


Can’t say much for the way this place presents itself to those passing by, except for the General Store.


On the western outskirts of Winston, there was a sign pointing towards Chloride about two miles down the road.  Just as we pulled into the town of Chloride, the clouds turned puffy white with an abundance of blue sky.  I had worried the whole 60 miles, that I would get here and it would be cloudy and spitting rain.  You cannot ask for more beautiful weather.



I’ve hit the photo limit for today’s post and unfortunately, I will have to leave you hanging again.  Tomorrow, I have lots of photos of Chloride, New Mexico for you to see, I promise.

See you later.


  1. What beautiful, tall trees near the Springtime Campground. San Mateo Peak is really pretty. Lots of tiny little towns where you are. You should look in to that awesome historic home. At 150k, it's a real bargain! The Winston General Store, looked like an interesting place.

    1. Thanks Dolly. I thought about putting a down payment on it and we could move out here and fix it up.

  2. I sure enjoyed the adventure today ! Lots of different sites ! That was a good slow start to the morning...... which is always relaxing 😎.

    1. Thanks Sally. I wish today was a slow start, but not to be. I was up all night worrying about the wind tearing up my rig sitting on that mountainside. At first light, I hooked everything up, packed and got down the mountain.

  3. Great posts! We'll be passing along this way later this Spring. Thanks for the ideas and what to expect.

    1. You're welcome Jeff. The San Mateo Mountains are beautiful, but I would suggest paying a few bucks and staying nearby at one of the SPs and drive the forest roads.

  4. We were very lucky when in Chloride NM a local lady opened that old General Store for us. It was chocked full of old antiques from that town and area. An area fellow was in the process of re-modeling a building across the street and I think he was planning on turning it into an eatery of some kind. We were there on February 29th 2008 Chloride has a history with the Apache Indians too. Also there is a location where the towns 'hanging tree' was located. Here's a link to an aerial view of the town....

    1. Thanks Al. I read your 2008 post before going, so I knew what to expect. A lady came out from behind the museum and offered to call the narrator to come walk me through the General Store. It was 3 o'clock when I got there, so I declined and just walked around and took, pictures. Even went up to the cemetery.

  5. A lovely drive to day we, went took that wy into Chloride a couple of years ago from Tor C New Mexico, looking forward to more pictures tomorrow.

  6. I don't think the For Sale sign is for the property where it sits. You are a good 60 miles from T or C - but the $ 150K house is 14 miles NW of Truth or Consequences NM. It sure is a funny looking place to stick that homemade sign - if that IS the house, there better be a gold mine under it ! That photo of Yuma running ahead on the scary trail - he looks like a mountain goat. So glad your trip took you out of the mist and into more oh so blue New Mexico skies. My heart is breaking. 🌞🌈🌻


    1. Thanks Moonfly. It was a long drive, so I was glad the sun came out while I was there. Had wet snow hitting the windshield on the way back to the RV. Crazy day.

  7. HOLY COW !!! Just read the wind advisory for Central & Eastern NM - Strong to Extreme winds with gusts to 75 mph !!! Hang on tight to Yuma and your little white donuts ! 🍃⛅🍃

    1. I know!! I didn't sleep at all last night hoping the RV would hold together till dawn. At dawn, I went out in the cold and wind and hooked everything up, packed and got down the mountain. The drive to Albuquerque was no better with the cross winds, but as soon as I got on I-40 with a tailwind, all quieted down. I'm at a rest stop 30 miles East of Albuquerque now. Going to Tucumcari for the night. Hope the wind dies down tomorrow.

  8. Hey Doug! That Springtime CG sure is a beautiful place! I loved the spring! I can't believe you happened upon the place where it starts; that's so cool! Can't wait to see your pics of Chloride (sounds like a laundry detergent) New Mexico! Love you!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Hopefully tonight I'll get the pictures of the detergent town out to you. On the road now.

    2. Detergent town!!!! Me and Jim got a great laugh out of this!!! 😂😂😂

  9. Looks like a great park to bad it is not accessible with a RV. Great pictures of the area. Sounds like it is a windy area, stay safe.
    Tom and I were talking and we were in that area at the end of 2015 and what we remember the most was the wind.

    1. Thanks, Deb. I didn't get any sleep last night worrying that the RV wasn't going to make it through the night in one piece. At daybreak, I packed up and got off that mountain down to the desert. The drive to Albuquerque was horrid in the crosswind. I'll remember the wind too.

  10. Very beautiful wild nature. I've never thoght that New Mexico is such a picturesque state.

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