Saturday, March 4, 2017

Move to Saddle Mountain BLM

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Yesterday, I decided it was move day, so this morning, as I read my blogs and ate breakfast, I would stop every once in awhile to pack things and store them away.

Last night, just at dusk, my two little Gila Woodpeckers came back to the nest.  They are so cute.  I’m sure there are some little ones in that cactus.

Yesterday, I mistakenly called them Cactus Wrens, but Joyce, one of my readers, pointed out that they were not wrens, but woodpeckers.   Thank you Joyce.


Around 11:30, I was done; took a few last photos of my home and we left for Saddle Mountain BLM.  Going to miss this beautiful and serene place.


All packed and the Jeep is hooked up and we are ready to go.  Said goodbye to Ole Evil Eyes and my two Gila Woodpeckers that live in the cactus on the right and off we went, heading to Quartzsite.


Needed to dump tanks, take on water and get gas, so felt that going to Quartzsite would be safest.  Only have 75 miles to travel today and not sure where down the line I could get these things done.

Heading West through the Plomosa Mountains.  Lots of high clouds coming in from the West today.


Then down into the La Posa Plain toward hwy 95.


Got everything done and headed East on I-10.  Proud of the American Flag out here in the Southwest.


It wasn’t long at all before I could see the Saddle Mountain range off in the distance on the right side of the interstate.


When we exited the interstate at the Salome Road exit, I just had to stop and get a photo of those majestic and rugged mountains.  To me, these are the prettiest mountains around here.


 Traveled about three miles on a dirt road through farm land and soon dead ended into Courthouse Road.  Made a left and watched carefully once Saddle Mountain was directly to my right.  Kind of hard to see the dirt road that goes into the BLM land.  I believe there are several places to turn in, if you miss the first one.


Pulled into the BLM land at the North end of Saddle Mountain.  Time now is around 3 o’clock.  Just perfect.


Surprised to see the number of RVs in here, but found myself a nice secluded spot and set up camp.


There are lots of places to hike and Jeep roads all through the mountains.  Going to have fun here for the the next 10 or so days.

Everything is green and yellow flowers are blooming everywhere.  What a beautiful place to live.


Here’s one for Moonfly.  She always wanted to see Yuma in the flowers, but I said he was too manly.  Guess not!


See you later.


  1. You have a beautiful spot there near Saddleback! It's too bad you couldn't bring your woodpeckers with you. I know you and Yuma will enjoy exploring that wonderful area.

  2. Thanks Dolly. Looking forward to a fun time here.

  3. Oh my goodness ! Thank you Doug ! What a beautiful photo of Yuma in all those yellow flowers. No telling what he might find in there ? But he is definitely nosing around and enjoying a great day with you. What a scenic area so glad the wildflowers are blooming. Love that picture so much. 🌷🌵🌻

    1. You're welcome, Moonfly. I'm hoping more flowers will bloom while we are here.

  4. We did some exploring in that area last year when we stayed at the Saddle Mountain RV Park. I cannot believe how much greener it looks and the flowers are so beautiful. Enjoy your time there. Just sorry we didn't get a chance to get together once more before you took off. Stay safe.

    1. Yes, even the mountains have green up the sides. Maybe next year.

  5. What wonderful spot to hang out, just gotta love the desert flowers and all the greenery this year.

  6. Wow! I always forget that gasoline in Arizona is SO MUCH CHEAPER than here in California. I see it is $2.21! Ours right now is either $2.75, $2.89, or even $3.19 (Exxon Mobil). (I REFUSE to buy gas from them!) Sam's Club and COSTCO are bout $2.75.
    Our hills are green, too...In 40 years here I don't ever remember seeing them so green, but for 30 of those years I was working, so I probably didn't even notice!

  7. California is not the best state for gas prices, Cheryl Ann. I don't think I could afford to retire there. Hoping for many more flowering plants this year.

  8. You find the nicest places to boondock. Love the pictures and especially Yuma being manly and sensitive at the same time. :)

    1. Thanks Patsy. I find out about these places through other bloggers.

  9. We have not tried Saddle Mtn. yet. Do you have any road noise from I10? Becki

  10. No. It is four or five miles away. Beautiful here.