Saturday, March 25, 2017

El Reno, Oklahoma

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My location:  El Reno, Oklahoma – Walmart parking lot

I had the best sleep last night at the Love’s Truck Stop.  I must have been tired, because I never heard a thing till I woke at 6:30 ready to get up. 


Spent a couple of hours on my breakfast, reading blogs and then we were off at 8:30, heading East on I-40 again.  My plans are to drive to Oklahoma City, 350 miles from here.

Much better day than yesterday.  It is warm with bright sunshine and no WIND!  

It’s flat in Eastern New Mexico.


Only 15 miles to the New Mexico border and we’re in the Texas panhandle.

1-IMG_6662   1-IMG_6664

Flat lands and mesas in Texas.  And, oh yes, wind mill farms.


The drive was mostly mundane until I got about five mile West of Amarillo, Texas.  I knew there was something I wanted to see, just wasn’t sure where it was.

Back in 2007, I stopped at Cadillac Ranch and I wanted to make a ten year reunion visit, so I was looking for it.  There are no signs.  You have to look for cars parked in a field just off the interstate.   I saw them, so I knew it was at the right place.   Why else would cars park in the middle of nowhere.

When I saw it, I drove to the next exit where the Cadillac RV is located and stopped there to take a few photos.


Then I drove back west on old Route 66 about a mile and there they were.  Ten Cadillacs sticking up out in a corn field!


Kids were painting graffiti on the pavement of Route 66.


Can I have a spray paint can, Daddy?  I’ll put Yuma and Doug on Route 66.


The painted gate into the corn field.


These cars have been painted over a million times over the years.




Yuma is a big hit wherever he goes.  All the kids wanted his photo and autograph!


Kids bringing boxes of paint cans.  This is a regular party!


That was fun.  A few years ago when I passed this way, I missed them thinking they were on the East side of Amarillo.  Have to do it again in 2027.

See these large crosses everywhere I travel.  Never have stopped to find out why they are there.  Don’t see leaning towers everywhere though.


Just another pretty ranch in Texas.


Must have missed the sign to Oklahoma, but about 50 miles in, I was tired of waiting for a rest stop, so we pulled off the interstate and stopped at this abandoned gas station and had our lunch. 

While eating, a highway patrol car came up the ramp, sirens and lights going and went over the bridge and back down the ramp and back on the Interstate heading east with his engine roaring.  Thought to myself, he’ll never catch that speeder.  He has too much of a head start.  If, he does, may see them down the road.


I don’t know what kind of vehicle this is, but it was sitting at the abandoned gas station.


Soon, we were back on I-40 with 75 miles to go.  Be resting at a OKC Walmart by 4:30 Central Time.  NOT TO BE!

We didn’t make it ten miles before I had to slam on the brakes.  There was a line of trucks and cars in front of me coming to a full stop.  Now, I know why the siren.  Accident ahead.  It must be a bad one, because emergency vehicles and trucks with lights and sirens were heading the other direction at a fast clip.




When I got out of the RV to take photos of the line, I took the following one looking back with my zoom.  It wasn’t till I was editing this evening that I saw there was an accident behind us when someone couldn’t stop in time.  So we have one in front of us somewhere and one behind us too.  This will surely make the news.


We moved along at a very slow stop and go clip for about an hour.   I finally left the line of cars and trucks at the first exit we came to, so I never did see what happened up front.  Took a few soothing pics as we slowly creeped along.



Sooo!  We have a change in plans.  It’s almost 6 o’clock and time to get off the road.  It’s been a long day!  Instead of staying at a Walmart in OKC, I am staying at a Walmart in El Reno, Oklahoma.  Kind of ironic.  Bill and Patsy of Chillin’ with Patsy are staying at the Lucky Star Casino just up hwy 81 about six miles from here.

The site I have here at the Walmart is just beautiful.  I’m at the back of it next to some trees with a large field to the west of me.  I will sleep good tonight!


See you later.


  1. Can only hope there were no serious injuries in that highway clogging accident. The Cadillac Ranch looks like a fun place to visit. Yuma seemed to be impressed. Neat pic of the MH behind the Caddies. Lots of beautiful scenes along the road. The cattle look so peaceful beneath the amazing tree.

    1. Thanks Dolly. I'm sure someone was hurt. Now I know why all the emergency vehicles were going the opposite way to the accident behind me. Hope I hear something about it before leaving tomorrow.

      That Cadillac Ranch is something. So many people there.

  2. All those little girls sure Love Yuma - he's looking back at you to make sure this is all OK - definitely not camera shy. Those Cadillacs are an amazing sight & so colorful and covered with paint they will never rust. So glad you got out of that traffic jam & safely tucked in at Walmart - made yourself right at home with your chair out catching some sunshine. Good Luck tomorrow - might hit some rain. 🌈

    1. Thanks Moonfly. Yuma is something. I couldn't believe how those kids came running up to him and taking his picture. He loved it, but wanted me to reassure him all was okay.

      This is a great spot for the night. At least something good came out of the horrible accidents on I-40. I hope everyone was okay.

  3. The Cadillac Ranch is something to see looks like you and Yuma forgot your spray paint...:)
    Spent the night at that Walmart a couple years ago but we were heading west. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks, Deb and Tom. I should have brought some paint, but never thought about it. Maybe in 2027 I'll remember. This is a nice and friendly Walmart. On my list for future visits.

  4. Lucky Star casino in nice for a few days, free full hookups.

    1. I saw they have the free hook-ups, but then I would feel obligated to spend money and I would surely lose more than it's worth. This Walmart is a very nice place.

  5. We've seen those Cadillacs in the ground a number of times but by the time we saw them we always seemed to be past them. Hadn't realized they were all painted up like that

    1. I know. No advertising, so you have to watch for them. I went past but turned around at the next exit and I didn't realize the Cadillac RV Park was there, so got pictures of that too. With all the painted colors, it makes for a great photo op.

  6. That was a long day , nice to get off the road and have a quiet night and a good rest. You are quite a bit north of us right now, travel safe in the morning.

    1. Thanks George. I'm moving at a fairly good clip. Should have only one more night on the road and I'll be home in my own bed. You two drive safely. As I saw yesterday, these roads can be dangerous.

  7. Glad you got off that mess, might have to check out the news in El Reno this morning. Sad that these things happen, makes our fender bender in the lot easy to take. Would have been great to see you but I understand long drives and you have a nice spot.

    1. You're right about the comparison. That car upside down behind me didn't look good for someone. Let me know if you hear anything on the news.

      I'm already in Springfield MO. We'll meet up again at Q next winter. Have a safe journey North.

  8. We are around all day if you chose to take a jeep ride north a few miles. :)

  9. Oh my! At least you found a decent spot for the night! Glad Yuma didn't get spray painted! HA!

    1. Never thought of that. I'm glad those kids were nice and not mean.

  10. Hi Doug! That Caddilac Ranch is so cool! why are the cars sticking out of the ground? I've never seen anything like it, but they are pretty all painted up like that! Too bad about the accidents and the slow traffic, but i'm glad you found a beautiful place to rest for the night!

  11. Those 10 Caddilacs sticking out of the ground look interesting and wierd at the same time. What it was made for?