Monday, March 20, 2017

Deming, New Mexico

Monday, March 20, 2017 – First day of Spring

My location:  Walmart parking lot in Deming, New Mexico

This morning, we didn’t waste any time.  We had our walk done, breakfast done and blogs read and on the road by 9 o’clock.

Out of the grasslands and turned left on hwy 83 and down to Sonoita we went.  Made another left on hwy 82 and passed between the Whetstone and Mustang Mountains on our way to hwy 90.


At hwy 90, we made another left heading towards Benson on I-10.  We had to stop at the border patrol checkpoint, but we had no problems getting through.


Here is the East side of the Whetstones. 



Turned right on I-10 and now we are heading East towards our destination of Deming, New Mexico.  It’s a 210 mile drive for us today.  Not bad.Just outside Benson is a rest stop with many large boulders.


Went past the small town of Wilcox and through more mountains and a lot of desert.  Almost the entire drive was desert country with mountains in the distance. 


Saw a lot of signs saying to watch out for sand storms and what to do if you lose visibility.   Al, Kelly and Pheebs of Travel With The Bayfield Bunch had to take a 100 mile detour through this area a less than a month ago due to a very bad sandstorm.



When we crossed into New Mexico, we lost an hour.  We’re now on Mountain time.  It was 1:30 and time to eat.  Saw all kinds of signs to stop at the Continental Divide Trading Post, so we did to make a sandwich for lunch.


Didn’t go into their amazing trading post though.



There were two big reasons I wanted to stop in Deming.  One was to get my laundry done.  The last time I did laundry was  February 10th, so needless to say, I was running short of clothes to wear.  Had a camera buff sitting in the car next to my Jeep.1-IMG_6359

The other reason was to get groceries.  Running a little short on some items, so will be able to stock up while I’m here for the night.


Very warm day and a warm evening.

See you later.


  1. Beautiful rock formations! Now all the water is headed east - just like you. Glad you boys made it to Deming and got all your chores dpne.

  2. Thanks Dolly. It was certainly a warm day. Feels like summer here. Hope the heat follows us to Illinois.

  3. The first time we drove through the Texas Canyon we were in awe of the large boulders and the two times we have done so since we still think they are beautiful. It is amazing how so many are perfectly balanced.
    We have stayed at that Walmart and slept safe and sound may you and Yuma do the same. Safe Travels.

    1. Thank you. Had a good night after I moved once. Got settled in and a big rig pulled in next to me and ran his engine, so at 9:00 I moved to another more quiet place. All was good after that.

  4. Always love seeing those boulders at Texas Canyon Rest area heading west it tells us we are now in the southwest and east bounder sad to leave the area. We have stayed at that Walmart many times, usually a lot of rv's there.

    1. You're right George. There were a lot of RVs and trucks there. Trains too. After about !! pm, everything quieted down and had a good night's rest.

  5. I love Deming and New Mexico is my favorite state - especially Albuquerque and all up around Jemez Springs, Taos, Angel Fire, Cimarron - Beautiful ! But probably still cold at night and maybe still snow. Lots of trains rumbling thru the desert - you took a great photo of that one. Interesting where you & Yuma end up today - maybe Elephant Butte or Caballo Lake - lots of boondocking up there and Sunshine.

    1. Thanks for the ideas, Moonfly. Will check one of them out. Stay tuned.

  6. Hi Doug! Those large boulders are so awesome! They look like they would be so much fun to climb. that's what i would do if i ever came across large boulders! Lord have mercy, I'm glad you finally stopped to do some laundry! :) Hope you got loaded up on groceries too...did you go in that teepee and see what was inside while you were parked by it? Talk to you soon! Love you!

    1. Thanks Sarah. I peeked in the teepee and there was nothing in there but dirt. I am glad to have the laundry and shopping details done for the remainder of my trip. Heading home now.