Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jeep trip to Patagonia, Arizona

Thursday, March 16, 2016

My location:  Las Cienegas NCA near Sonoita, Arizona

It was nice to wake up to the singing of this bird this morning.


After our morning chores, Yuma and I decided to take a road trip to the artistic town of Patagonia.  It is located about 25 miles Southwest of where I am located, so not a long drive.

We took off around 10:30.  The Santa Rita Mountains are directly in front of us as we turn onto hwy 83 from the Las Cienegas NCA.


We headed down hwy 83 to Sonoita and made a right turn on hwy 82.  It is twelve miles to Patagonia from Sonoita.


Metal sculptures on the hillside.  Look realistic.



Wasn’t long before we were entering the town.  I’m going to let the photos do the talking.  I just wandered around town shooting photos as I went.  Patagonia has a lively population and lots of color. 










As I was leaving town, I saw the sign saying Harshaw 6 miles, I remembered Al, Kelly and Pheebs went there to meet Ivan last month.  Thought I would go see the town as well.  I had no idea there was no Harshaw anymore; just a sign and a cemetery.   It was a beautiful drive up into the Coronado National Forest.




A lone cemetery on the hillside was all that is left of the population of Harshaw.


There was one lone adobe building standing near the townsite sign.  There was a Private Property sign so I didn’t go back into the valley to investigate.



We returned back to our site around 2:30 and I was working on this post when Yuma and I heard a clutter going on outside.  Scared the daylights out of both of us.  Been here for five days and not a soul has passed by our rig, until now.

Horses and riders came trotting by.  Yuma wanted to go see what was going on and I was trying to hold him and take photos at the same time.


Must have scared the lead rider, because he is no where to be seen in the next shot.  Just a horse and a saddle.  Hope the girls didn’t just leave him lying in the dirt.


Mustang Mountains.

Mustang Mountains

Just as I was getting ready to publish my post, Yuma and I heard riders off in the distance and went outside to look.  Found them riding off to the West.  But, we also saw smoke ahead of them.  The wind is coming out of the West, so hope I don’t have to move in a hurry later on.


See you later.


  1. They have a lot of beautiful metal work in that area. Patagonia was an interesting looking town. Lovely pictures of it. Horsebacks riders right downtown. Lots of horses and riders there. Fergie would love it!

    1. Thanks Dolly. Was a very interesting town. Lots of activity for a Thursday. There must be a horse convention just down the road from us. Hopefully see lots of riders tomorrow.

  2. Such a colorful unique town. How cute is that girl with the umbrella, wearing an apron, and walking down the street reading a magazine instead of a cell phone. Bet she works in a local cafe baking pies ! With the cowboys and horses and candid shots of street scenes you really captured the special world of Patagonia. Cool !

    1. Thanks Moonfly. It was very pleasant walking around watching the people doing their thing. Busy little town in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Catching up on reading Blogs and looking at the pictures of the area you and Yuma are in. Beautiful pictures by the way.
    Tom and I have not decided on our route for the trek East yet and after reading your blogs about the Las Cienegas NCA , and I had read the Bayfield Bunch's earlier, has got us thinking. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Deb. It is a pretty area and cooler. Glad to hear from you. Was wondering where you two were.

  4. I forgot to read you and the Bayfield Bunch this morning!
    Maybe they were moving their horses ahead of the fire? I wonder...

    1. Good morning, Cheryl Ann. No, the fire is quite far away. I think there is a gathering nearby for a rodeo or something this weekend. I can hear horses and cows not far East of here. I will check it out today.

  5. Nice photos of Patagonia. It's a picturesque artsy little place that lends itself to being photographed. Always nice to see horses and riders. With all the dry grass there in Las Cienegas if a fire ever started it would go wild very fast.

    1. Thanks, Al. Glad you told me about the town. I really enjoyed just walking around watching the people interact. I really liked watching Ms. Pat at the Politically Incorrect Gas Station (PIGS)checking the underground gas tank. Took three of them and a long stick, but she was in charge.

      Luckily, there was no wind and the fire department had the prairie grass fire out by 10 p.m.

  6. That is a nice area to explore you took some wonderful photos of Patagonia, thanks for sharing,watch out for those wildfires.

    1. Thanks, George. Had a great time in Patagonia.

  7. Holy Rainbow!!!! I love all the colors in Patagonia! In fact, I love Patagonia and think it's an adorable little town! Here were my favorite parts: the map, the yellow truck, and the beautiful green gate attached to the gorgeous wooden and stone fence! What was on the other side? Did you get to go through or is it someone's home? So pretty!!!! Tell that beautiful, yellow, songbird hello for me! I like him and you know i don't like birds! I love the metal sculptures on the hillside. I'll never get tired of those or the mountains! Happy St. Patrick's Day Doug! I love you!!!

    1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you Sarah! I peeked inside the gate and there was a beautiful garden and house back there. The birds are very friendly here, but do keep their distance. I have to zoom in to get pictures of them.

  8. Patagonia looks like a beautiful town. We loved the metal signs and sculptures at Sonoita too.

    1. Thanks Patsy. These Southern Arizonians love their metal art sculptures.

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