Sunday, March 5, 2017

Grocery day and my first tortoise sighting

Sunday, March 5, 2017

My location:  Saddle Mountain BLM near Tonopah, Arizona

Woke up to a cloudy and blustery morning.  As I sat drinking coffee, eating little white donuts and reading blogs, I made the decision.  Since it is overcast and cool, I will take Yuma with me to the Walmart in Buckeye this morning and leave him in the Jeep.  Yuma would like that better than being cooped up in the MH.  We left at 9:45

It was a 45 minute drive to and from Walmart and I spent an hour hunting for everything I had on my list.  When I got to the Walmart, I took out my camera to get a shot and in doing so, at some point I laid my phone on the hood of the Jeep.  Evidently after this photo was taken.


Went into the Walmart, got a few things in the vegetable area right at the front of the store and then reached for my list of items to get, which was on my phone.  No phone!

I panicked and looked through all my pockets several times before deciding I left it in the Jeep.  Left my cart with the Greeter at the door and hurried out to the Jeep.  Of course, I didn’t remember leaving it on the hood, so I looked all through the Jeep and under it.  No phone! 

I got out of the Jeep exasperated, not knowing what to do!  For some reason, I just happened to look at the hood and there it was.  Boy, was I happy it was still there.  Yuma was probably guarding it.

Went back in and finished my shopping.  Boy, do I hate shopping.  Gives me a headache walking up each aisle looking for what I need.  After going up each aisle about four times, I had everything on my list.  $122 worth of groceries.  That will last me two weeks for sure.   

Stopped for gas for the Jeep on the way back and filled both the five gallon gas cans, so I will have emergency gas.  Then it was off to the Tonopah exit.

Stopped to take a few photos of this very small town.  Really not a town, just a stop on the Interstate for gas and a bite to eat.


Then it was up to Salome Road, made a right and followed it to Courthouse Road and made a left and we were soon back to Saddle Mountain.  Got home around 12:30.  Got everything put away by 1 o’clock.  The ice cream bars were getting mushy.

Finally, I made breakfast/lunch at 2 p.m.  Bacon and eggs with a bagel.  Then OJ, half a grapefruit and a yummy chocolate breakfast bar.  I was ready for the afternoon.

It was still cool, windy and cloudy, so Yuma and I rested awhile hoping the sun would make an appearance and it finally started to peek out.  We decided to do a hike up the mountainside just South of our RV.  See the green going all the way to the top.  That’s where we’re heading.


Little yellow flowers are all over the ground.



You can see our MH in the center right along the dirt road below.




It got so rugged and my legs were giving out, so we didn’t make it all the way to the top.  Darn!  So we headed back down.

Saw this hole in the side of the cliffs on the way down.  Yuma wanted his picture taken next to it.  Glad he didn’t jump through it to his death.  He’s too smart for that.


As we were walking back down, I looked over and Yuma was nudging what looked like a rock.  I was afraid he was looking at a snake, so I called him away.  This is what I saw.  You could walk right by this tortoise thinking it was just another rock.  Not Yuma!


My first sighting of a tortoise in the four years I have been coming out here.  Sure, I followed Eric and Shaena to the two they found, but this was my first one to find on my own.  Of course, Yuma gets some credit. 

Looks to me like a full grown male.  I named him Albert.  I can’t believe this guy can roam around in all these rocks on the side of a mountain, but he lives here.  I waited for him to come out of his shell after Yuma scared the daylights out of him, but he never did.  So, we just left him to go about his business when he thought it was safe enough to stick his head back out.


The sun decided to come out just as it was setting, so I grabbed a few photos of the mountains.



While doing my blog, I may have missed a beautiful sunset.  This is what I did get.


Turned out to be another great day after all.  Walked almost five miles.  Probably most of it in the aisles of the Walmart store.

Time for the Walking Dead and dinner.

See you later.


  1. Shopping IA hard! Glad you got back before the ice cream sandwiches turned to soup and sandwiches. I can't get over how green everything is. Beautiful photos of your hike up the mountain. Yuma was very observant to see that tortoise among the rocks.

    1. Thank you Dolly. Tough to drive 40 miles for groceries, but the view here is worth it. Yuma is a good hunter.

  2. Great picture of Yuma in front of the "hole". And nice find of the tortoise!

  3. A pretty nice productive day you had, nice to spot the tortoise on your hike, another wonderful sunset as well.

  4. Love your hiking adventures and Yuma finding the tortoise was a bonus. Your sunset photo is awesome, glad someone didn't scoop your phone! Yuma poses so well for a picture.

    1. Thanks Patsy. Would be horrible if I lost my phone. Yuma is a ham that is for sure.

  5. Any day that starts with little white donuts is gonna be a good one ! You are a very good story teller along with photographer, Doug. I very much enjoy following along as always. Yuma learned the scent of a desert tortoise when introduced by your new friends Eric and Sheena. Now he can have another nickname - in addition to "Blogstar" he can be called "Tortoise Hunter" . 🐕🐢🌵🌞

    1. Thanks Moonfly. I hadn't thought of that, but you are probably right. He does know the scent and can track them down now. Maybe more in my future. Who knows.

  6. All that green sure looks beautifully brilliant! I love the closeup of Yuma. I too and so glad he did not jump through the hole to his death! And he made another friend in Albert even if ol Al was too scared to come out and say hi. You should've painted a little note on his shell, so he'd know you were thinking of him always and so he'd be aware of what a treasure of a find he was for you! ;) I hate shopping too. Especially at Walmart, so good job to get that done and over with! The pics of the sun coming out and then setting are magnificent! Love you!

    1. Thank you Sarah. The green is amazing to see. Makes the Harquahala Valley look beautiful. I don't think Albert would like a sign on his back. I looked up their habitat and they do prefer rocky hillsides to live on.

      Happy Birthday!! Love you too.

  7. Wow! The hills certainly are GREEN!
    We drove to Temecula yesterday to visit our son and his family and we couldn't get over how green the hills were along the way!

    1. Green everywhere. Glad you were able to get outside. The weather is getting beautiful. Love taking pictures of all the green and browns and yellows and purples in the desert this year!

  8. You and Yuma have certainly found a beautiful place to settle for a while.
    Tom and I agree the ride into Buckeye for groceries can be a pain but at least between Walmart and Fry's there is a good selection and the prices are decent. Plus, like you said the views are worth it.

    1. It is very beautiful and peaceful here. Looking forward to a relaxing visit.

  9. Hi, I really enjoy traveling with you and Yuma, but would like for you to give more information on those delicious chocolate breakfast bars you keep referring to.
    Safe Travels