Horse Lover’s Delight

Friday, March 17, 2017 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

My location:  Las Cienegas NCA near Sonoita, Arizona

Well, I didn’t have to flee the area last night.  I watched as the fire came over the hills in the distance and soon fire trucks were on the scene.  Luckily, there was no wind and they had the wild fire out by 10 p.m.  This morning, there was just a scorched area and one lone fire truck making sure there were no flare-ups.


This morning, I was awakened by the music from my Western Meadowlark friend.

1-IMG_6033       1-IMG_6032

As I was fixing breakfast this morning, horses and their riders started going by on the road just up from my RV. 



Over the last few days, I have noticed quite a few RVs and trucks with horse trailers congregating about a mile East of me.


Later on in the morning, riders started going right by my RV.  Turns out the road I’m on is the ending leg of an endurance run.  Since I am in the perfect spot to sit and watch the run, I decided to stay home and watch.  So, today, you are going to see lots of horses and riders.







Yuma was fascinated!




Oops!  Almost stepped on this little guy as I was jockeying for position to take photos.  But, I didn’t.





I mean front row seat!




By the time these horses and riders passed by, they had ridden 25 miles.  It is a warm day and I’m sure they could feel the heat.

Around 2 o’clock, Yuma and I went down to the home base to learn more. Evidently, all of these horse lovers came here from a posting on a website for a horse endurance run.   Horses and riders had choices of 25, 50 or 75 miles.  After each 25 miles, the horse gets a medical check and both horse and rider rest before heading out again.

You know me.  I just wandered around the camp taking photos at random.




The guy in the blue shirt is taking down the information as each contestant returns from a run.








At 6 o’clock, as the sun was setting in the West, the last horse and rider came in.  I asked her how many miles.  She said 55 when she gets to the gate and she had to walk the filly the last 7 miles.  The poor horse was tired out!  I bet both will sleep good tonight.


I had a great time chatting with the riders as they passed by and taking their pictures.  There were many more than I can put in this post.

See you later.


  1. Excellent pictures of so many beautiful horses! Some were even wearing o' the green, i noticed. How lucky you were to have a front row seat. I'm glad someone was making sure both horses and riders were doing ok. YUma must have wondered where they all came from. I'm so glad you didn't step on the blooming barrel cactus! It is so pretty! Sounds like you had a perfect day - all the action came to you.

    1. Thanks Dolly. It was nice to have a front row seat. I'm a lucky duck!

  2. Doug, you have the best Luck ! Always finding such unusual places and events. Today the whole show came to you - out in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful colors everywhere with riders and horses, the grasses, mountains, and that oh so blue sky. They must have had to truck in a lot of Water for those horses both to drink and to spray them down. No shade out there either ! So Lucky 🍀🍀🍀

    1. Thanks, Moonfly. Really lucky day for me. I enjoyed the show. Best setting for a horse show you can have, that's for sure.

  3. Really enjoyed those pictures Doug, what beautiful horses. RS

  4. You certainly had the opportunity today to see some beautiful horses. Favorite picture though, was the back of Yuma's head while it seemed like he was watching intently.

    1. That's funny Deb. That shot was completely by accident. Yuma just popped up at the last moment while I was taking a picture of the horses coming up the lane. Did turn out to be a great one though.

  5. Exceptionally good photos Doug. Always a bonus to be in the right spot at the right time.

    1. Thanks, Al. I was fortunate. I had planned on taking a road trip, but glad I was my normal slow morning self and caught the horse show coming up my lane late in the morning.

  6. Talk about a ring side seat, in the middles of the desert, awesome photos.

    1. Thanks, George. Had the best seat in the grasslands for this show.

  7. Wow! The horse photos are beautiful!!! You did an excellent job capturing the endurance run. I bet that was so cool just being able to be so close. I'm surprised Yuma didn't want to run to greet them! Did you have him tied up or did he just stay like a good boy? What a great day you had! Speaking of horses, Keats does an adorable horse impression! I can't wait for you to hear it! I love you!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yuma would not be a good boy if he wasn't on a leash. He would love to chase the horses and that would not be good. Can't wait to hear that Keat's horse snort!

  8. Hey, you have some great photos for mounting on wood or canvas! LOVE THEM!
    If you have a chance, read Douglas Preston's book Talking to the Ground. It's nonfiction. He used to be an endurance rider himself and this is the story of him, his girlfriend (later his wife) and her daughter riding across the most of Arizona, through Navajo land. I couldn't put it down and I still have my copy! VERY INTERESTING read. You will learn a lot about Arizona! Here's a link to it on Amazon:

    1. Thanks Cheryl Ann. I knew you would like the horses. I'll have to check the book out.

  9. I wish our wifi was faster, your pictures won't come in this morning, I'll try at a non peak time because I want to see the horses! You do always come out with the luck of the Irish with your findings and this is nice that you didn't have to leave home to find it.

    1. Thanks, Patsy. I had a feeling my bog was getting to download resistance, with 50 or so large pictures. I need to cut back. Hope you get to see the pretty horses.