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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My location:  Home

Amazing how quickly Yuma and I fall into the normal rhythms of home life.  I have the MH parked in the driveway and Dolly and I have been slowly removing the personal belongings.

After eating a number of little white donuts and two cups of coffee, I decided to sit down and put a few facts together of my trip.

For those interested, below are my expenses for the three months (90) days, and 4460 miles I traveled this winter.  I am not a full-timer, so it does not include expenses I pay all year such as insurance and RV payments


Winter 2016/17 Southwestern Trip

Bills January February March

Gas - Motor home




Maintenance - MH






$0 $22

Gas - Jeep

$134 $176 $125

Maintenance - Jeep

$15 $0 $0

Camp fees

$20 $0 $0

Food - Dining out

$19 $8 $0

Food - Groceries

$149 $240 $198


$5 $6 $8

Dump & Water

$10 $19 $44


$96 $32 $12


$29 $25 $0


$13 $0 $0
Total $1214 $720 $1054

I didn’t shave or get a haircut during the entire trip.  On the left is my beard growth when I started and on the right when I got home.

1-Doug   1-IMG_20170327_112057269_HDR-001

As you can see Yuma is happily at home in his Dad’s lap while I work on the computer.


I won’t be writing posts each day, but I do plan to let my readers know how things are going throughout the remainder of the year.  I do appreciate all those that read my blog this past winter.  It was a fun time and I hope I was able to give my readers a light and fun look into the adventures Yuma and I had.

Got to get ready to watch Survivor!

See you later.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and following along on your winter adventures. I especially love the pictures you post.

    1. Thank you, granny. I'm glad you enjoyed following along.

  2. What were Yuma's expenses. :-)

    1. Yuma just fell into the food bill. His only expense was for one bag of dog food and about a third of everything I ate. He's a beggar.

  3. Glad to have met you at the Blogger Fest and hope our paths cross again in the Southwest next Winter.
    I'm sure you will find some mischief to entertain us with until you are back on the road.
    Be Safe ad Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, Rick and Kathy. See you next year.

  4. Nice that you are back home again m was great to finally meet you, at that you still have those little white donuts to keep you going. Hope to meett up with you again on down the road again.

    1. Thanks George. See you and Suzie next winter.

  5. Pretty cheap living and look at all the fun you had! Now get that beard trimmed! :)

    1. Kind of on the lower spending limit, that's for sure. First thing I did before the kids saw me was to get a trim and haircut.

  6. It was so fun getting to read about your adventures all winter Doug! I love your before and after beard and hair pics! LOL! No wonder that woman out west ran (or drove) away from you! I'm just really didn't look that bad, but I do love a good, scruffy beard! :) Glad you and Yuma settled right back into "home" life. Talk to you soon! I love you!

  7. Doug, glad you are home now. Now you get to plot your moves next season! That's always fun. We are looking at spending a few days in Arizona, up by Show Low and Heber-Overgaard in August, if I can save up enough money to do so. We LOVE going up there and try to alternate that with a trip to the eastern Sierra, which we did last October. Anyway, that gives us something to look forward to!
    Take care, relax, and recoup!
    ~Cheryl Ann~

    1. Thank you Cheryl Ann. I'm glad you two have travel plans. Fun to look forward to adventures. Be careful and have fun

  8. Glad you made it home safely. I must say we do spend more that you do.

    1. Thanks Jan. Being by myself, I live very frugal. It is different when Dolly comes along. Can't be so cheap.

  9. You sure are a thrifty traveler - especially on dining out - I could never resist going into those little cafes and getting a slice of homemade pie and coffee. Now about that beard - I think that 2nd photo was taken in February. Because it got a lot more wooly (scary) by mid-March. You looked like a mountain man in that picture with Yuma under the giant oak tree in Las Cienegas ! I'm sure Dolly thinks you're adorable - but wonder if you've shaved it back to "scruffy" yet ? Ha! Love the photo of Yuma curled up in your lap - Safe at Home. 🌈

    1. Thanks Moonfly. Yuma saved me from going into those food places. He wasn't allowed in so I didn't go in. First thing I did was go to the Hair Cutter and get everything trimmed to be more appropriate for the Bible belt. Yuma is enjoying laying around.

  10. Sounds like you and Yuma are happy to be home.
    I am not sure I would want to add up our expenses...:)
    Tom and I hope to see you again "down the road" and maybe Dolly will be with you. Until then take care.

    1. Thank you. If I travel next year, Dolly will be with me or I won't be going. Hope to see you next year.

  11. It was great following along with you all winter . I enjoy seeing all the places you visited . So here is hoping you and Yuma have a great spring and summer . I will be looking forward to more of your blogs. Vern from Boise Id.

    1. Thank you Vern. I'm glad you came along. It was a fun winter and hope to do it again.

  12. Yuma is so happy to be home again!

  13. Yuma is enjoying his easy life at home with family.