Thursday, February 18, 2021

Oil Change

Woke this morning around 8 o'clock like normal and there were no clouds in the sky.  Although it is windy and they are calling for fairly high winds all day.  

As I sat outside eating breakfast thinking of what to do, I made a decision that I need to be somewhere that isn't as windy and has more than one cactus.  The other thing I need to do is get an oil change for the Jeep.  Last oil change was while I was here in Yuma in January of 2020, so figured I was due.  Some may think past due.

So, after breakfast Yuma and I jumped in the Jeep and first ran over to the sand dunes rest area and deposited all the trash I had and got two gallons of drinking water.  From there it was off to Yuma.

When I got into town, I googled for the nearest oil change place near me.  Ms. Google directed me to Big O Tire, so went there.  They were having a sale on tires and there were a number of people waiting to talk tires.  

Didn't have patience, so ran across the street to Walmart Auto Center and pulled up in line.  Some Walmart lady with a notepad was talking to a gentleman that had his hood open.  After about 10 minutes of watching them talk and look under the hood, I backed out and left there.

Didn't realize it was so hard to get an oil change in this town.  Finally, I looked at my oil sticker on my windshield and it was from the Jiffy Lube I visited last year.  That's what I want!  Something Jiffy!!  

Ms. Google led me to 32nd Street near the airport and it was perfect.  Two bays and no one there.  Sat in my Jeep while they changed the oil and then handed the man my credit card and I was done.  And they said I had a free car wash to boot!  Boy, did the Jeep need a wash.

When I got home, I hooked up the Jeep and packed everything except the grill for tonight and the lounge chair for tomorrow morning.  Then it was Big Tent time.

Yuma and I headed over and the wind was blowing big time now.  Thank goodness Shane has that thing tied down perfectly because if I had done it we would all be rolling through the desert.  Had good discussions and as the sun set, I said my goodbyes and we headed home to make dinner and watch a little TV.

Didn't take one picture today.  First time.  So will leave you with a picture of me and Yuma back in 2015 when I just got him.

  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ha ha! You don't look like a mountain man back in 15! Maybe you need to take another fall to straighten that back out😄. Enjoy the warmth Dad!!

  2. You sure didn't look like Desert Doug back then!
    Enjoy your next stop.

  3. I was surprised to see Thursday on your heading. It must have been late by the time you got to blogging. You and Yuma look great - even in an old picture. Yuma will soon be 7yo. Doesn't seem possible. Have a safe move.

  4. The people on my Quartzsite groups are starting to complain about the wind so it must be pretty bad. We are more protected here in Wellton. When we go to the Yuma Foothills we notice the difference. Love the picture of a young Yuma. It makes me sad that it's time to start your slow trek back home. I had hoped to see you at Ogilby but that didn't happen. Next year!!!

  5. Love the pic of you and Yuma! Glad you finally got your oil changed. Sounds like how they do it in Nevada too as far as waiting in a line in your car and then you want anything done they have you drive your car in the bay and then we leave so they have to back it out..ok cooties don't count backing it Cute name Jeff has for you! Enjoy your move!

  6. Who is that unmasked man? Hardly recognize you. have a safe move.

  7. Gosh Yuma looks just the same!!!! As for the newest desert hermit, my you have changed!! LOL