Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Overlooking Ajo, Arizona

 Yuma woke me at 7 o'clock and wanted to go outside.  Not sure why, because he didn't do anything except look around and then came back in.  At 7:30 two fighter jets buzzed right over the White Lion.  Didn't see them because we had gone back to bed, but it scared Yuma enough that he went down and laid on the floor.  At 8:15 it was time to get up.

Anyway, I have some hunting to do this morning after breakfast.  Had my crackers and cereal and used all the milk I had left so will need to make a stop at the store today sometime.  Once I was done with breakfast the hunt began.  

Last evening while at the cemetery typing my post something or someone whispered in my ear.  Many years ago I bought a Wilson Internet Booster cradle and a trucker's Internet booster antenna.  

Back a number of years ago Internet wasn't as prevalent and strong as it is today.  I hadn't used it in several years but I was sure I put the equipment somewhere when Deb, Riley and I transferred everything from Miss Adventure to the White Lion.

I thought I knew where it was and sure enough it was right there so not much of a search.  Pulled it out and hooked up the Wilson cradle.

The Wilson cradle is holding my phone.  It has two wires coming from the cradle.  One goes to the antenna

and the other to power.  It is power boosted.  I was only getting 1X or 1 bar of 3G before and now I'm bouncing between 2 and 3 bars of 4G.  Good enough to do my picture uploading and post from here in the White Lion.  

Why did it take me five days of running around to remember this!๐Ÿ˜ก  I use the cradle for my Verizon WIFI Jetpack when I'm using my computer.  The holding arms are adjustable so I can use it for both.  We'll see how it goes tonight.

At 1 o'clock, Yuma and I took the scenic road heading to the store.  As I was driving along I could see a small saddle in the mountains above me and I wondered if I climbed up there I could see Ajo from above.

Dead center in the picture above.  So, Yuma and I parked the Jeep and started hiking.  Shouldn't take too long๐Ÿ˜ƒ
At the very top of the far mountain in the center you can see the white cross overlooking Ajo on the other side.

 Lots of cactus and rocks on the climb.

Got to the top and what do I see!  Another valley and another saddle.  Wasn't planning on several hours of hiking, but I can't turn back now.  If there is another valley, I will for sure.  Don't have the energy to another.

As I look to the North, I can see a sliver of the Ajo Scenic Drive winding through the Little Ajo Mountains.
Look at all the cactus and so many Organ Pipe Cactus.  You can also see the cross peeking up on the left top.
Oh my!  It was worth the hike.  I can see the massive Ajo Pit rim from here.
There's Ajo across the way and you can see the white cross at the top of the mountain overlooking Ajo.  Twenty years ago I would have climbed that mountain, but not today.
Standing at the cliff edge hoping my photographer doesn't slip and push me over.๐Ÿ˜
Heading back now.
Yuma is tired and thirsty.
Finally made it back to the Jeep and we headed to the store.  Luckily, I had a bottle of water in the Jeep.  We were both thirsty on this 80 degree day!

Stopped in the store and picked up a few items, but they only had gallon milk cartons.  I can't drink that much before it spoils , so I decided to stop by the Dollar Store on the way home and check.  No dice there either, plus their milk said "best if drank by 2-28".  By this time I'm too tired to go back to Olsens to check their dates, so no cereal tomorrow.
Of course, Yuma wouldn't let me drive by the green grass, so we made a short stop there so he could sniff around.
Of course Yuma finds a friend.
 Finally made it home after 4 o'clock and my feet were so sore I took two Tylenol and soaked my feet in cold water.  Still have no Epson salts.  Edited pictures and then fixed dinner at 5:30.  After eating I was ready to see if my pictures would upload.

I managed to get them uploaded but a little slow.  May have to play around with size and quality tomorrow to speed things up a bit, but everything is doable๐Ÿ˜€.  Already 9 o'clock and time for bed.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fantastic pictures of the mining pit and Ajo all laid out in the distance. Ore beautiful cacti in the photos. Poor Yuma looked in sad shape on the way back. I'm sure it was hot for you both. Glad Yuma found a new friend at the grassy area.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Nice hike and pretty pictures. Nice. May have to see if there is a way to the top of Ajo Mountain. That would be fantastic.

  2. Earlier this winter I dug out an old Wilson booster (now WeBoost BTW) and antennae but it didn't help a bit. Sure looks green down there. That's one heck of a climb.

    1. Not good. You do have to have some signal to boost it. No signal can't be improved. I've got my antenna up about 15 feet to get signal improvement.

  3. I'm very close to a Verizon tower and still can't upload pictures except very early in the morning. That's the main reason I get up so early. Otherwise I'm sure I could convince the puppies to go back to sleep!! Great hike!!! Glad you made it ... the view is spectacular!! By the way, what's the name of that solar place you went to win Quartzsite?

    1. That's a bummer. You may want to play with pixel size by adjusting quality. I went RV Connection in East Yuma. You may want to just buy a 100 watt suitcase panel to see if that is enough. I have all the solar stuff if you want to try before buying.

  4. Yu have some beautiful pics from the hike, the exercise and destination were worth it. A great challenge in area where you are surrounded by beauty.
    I have a WeBoost cell amplifier, but am very unimpressed with its abilities.

    1. Thanks Jeff. Got enough exercise that's for sure. I have had good luck with my setup.

  5. Thanks Jeff. I must have a different setup. Withe the antenna, I can boost signal everytime. May have to put very high but I get improvement.

  6. Glad you are still enjoying the Lifestyle even with running a few errands.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Great pictures and what a hike fit you and Yuma! Thought you might have a rest day following this day, but I've heard otherwise!!๐Ÿ˜ž Hope you get unstuck!

  8. Well it sounds like you have been enjoying some nice weather since you arrived there. I do love all the different cacti that are so plentiful in that area. Enjoyed looking at all your pictures.
    By the comment above it sounds like there may be an issue. Hope it was solved.