Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year from Amarillo, TX

January 1, 2014


Before leaving this morning Dolly took a few pictures of Abe’s RV Park.  It was mainly a storage area for very old and decrepit trailers and a number of very poor long term residents. 

1-DSC02716 1-DSC02719

We pulled out at 11 this morning and made a quick stop at the Loves Gas Station to fill up before heading out.  The interstate was under construction all the way through Oklahoma City but no traffic so we made good time.  The rest of I-40 was very nice.  Quiet 260 mile drive through the hills of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle.  About 30 miles from Amarillo, TX, we stopped for gas in the small Texas town of Groom.


Me just driving down the road.


Johnson Ranch land in Texas

We arrived at Amarillo Ranch RV Park at 4:30.  This Place is nice.  Took our first showers since we left Bloomington and did that feel good.    They also have free WIFI and cable TV all for $30.  Not bad because the showers were worth the price alone.  I will get better at finding the best places to stay for a lower price as I get more practice.

I have not put water in the motorhome yet, because the nights get downright cold and I am afraid our pipes may freeze.  Once we arrive in Arizona, I will use the water system.

We are off on I-40 once again the morning heading for Albuquerque, NM.  See you later.

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