Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meeting The Bayfield Bunch and Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Got packed, dumped the tanks and on our way by 10 this morning.  We are on our way is to Quartzsite today, but making an important stop in Congress, AZ where Al, Kelly and their perfect dog Pheebe have a winter home.  They live in Bayfield, Ontario in the summer and fall.  Al has an excellent blog that you can find in my sidebar.

We started to see Saguaro cactus as we headed down to the warmer climate close to Phoenix.  They are neat and kept waving at us as we drove past them.
I-17 from Cottonwood toward Phoenix 
Turned onto Highway 74 heading to highway 60 toward Wickenburg making our way toward Al and Kelly’s place in Congress.
Highway 60 heading toward Congress, AZ
I have been following Al’s blog for over a year now.  It is his love of the southwest and the beautiful way he has of describing this southwestern part of our country in words and photographs, that pulls me to read his blog each evening.  In fact, one of the big reasons I decided to buy a motorhome and jeep was to see the southwest he describes so eloquently. 

We were driving very near Congress to get to Quartzsite and I knew I just had to meet them if they would have us.  So, several days ago I emailed Al, asking if it would be okay to stop by their home and sure enough they kindly responded that they would be happy to meet us.

Got to their place on Old Ghost Town Road around 1:30.  After introductions, and pictures of course, we sat in the cool shade of their beautiful back yard and got to know each other better.  Al and Kelly are just down to earth folks that are easy to talk with. 

Kelly was kind enough to take us on a tour of their beautiful home decorated in southwest decor.  And you can tell all the work Al has done to their yard to make it neat and tidy with that real southwestern style.  Al, Kelly and Pheebs of the Bayfield Bunch
Kelly, Al and Pheebe
Al and Kelly
Kelly chatting with Dolly and Fergie
Kelly chatting with Dolly and Fergie
 Al and I discussing heavy topics
Al and I deep in a discussion

We had such a great time getting to know Al, Kelly and Pheebe and didn’t want to leave, but after an hour and a half it was getting late.  We knew we had to get on our way if we wanted to get to Quartzsite before dark. 

We made a quick stop at the gas bar in Congress to fill the motorhome before making the 90 mile road trip to Quartzsite.
Highway 60 to Quartzsite
Highway 60 heading toward Quartzsite 
It was close to 5 pm and getting dark as we rolled into the Quail Run RV Resort just off main street in downtown Quartzsite.  There is a huge once a year RV show going on here.  You will hear more about it in the days to come since we are staying here for an entire week relaxing in this beautiful 70 degree weather.

See you later.

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  1. Glad to see you made it to the big Q. Should be an exciting week with all the activities going on. Just think, right now you are in the middle of the largest gathering of RV'ers anywhere on the Planet. Pretty well anything you need or want for the rig can be found in Quartzsite. Nice to meet you folks yesterday & we're glad you stopped by. If you have any questions about anything just let us know. Take care & keep on writing......:))