Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wind Caves and Elephant Tree

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Luckily, I saved something for today, because today is a day of R&R.  Got up and had coffee while Dolly slept in, and then we had a great breakfast while watching the San Diego news.  Watching TV

Later in the morning, I rode my bike about three miles east on S22 away from town toward the Badlands.
Nice views on a bike
Kinda hilly.  Lots of washes.

Nice views on a bike
We're down there in left center someplace. San Diego is a big county
We’re down there in left center someplace   San Diego is a big county!

Our homeView out our door.
Our home                                                  View out our door
After my bike ride, I just sat outside in my lounge chair till about about 1:30 and then we closed everything up on the motorhome and got it ready to roll.  We slowly drove the seven miles to the gas station and filled all the jugs and the 35 gallon tank full of fresh water.  Asked where the nearest dump station was and the attendant said it was right next to the water.  There it was, close enough to bite me, so went ahead and dumped tanks and bought firewood for later.  Everything done in one hour and we were back home by 2:30.

Asked the attendant where the nearest Laundromat was and he said it was on the west of town, about two miles down the road from where we were.  We decided that laundry was for another day.  Right now, we have plenty of clean clothes left, so, we would just bring it in the jeep when we are ready.

Now, we are ready for yesterday’s adventure.
Oh, No!  Straight up!
Remember where we left you last?
This was going to be a hard climb up the mountain and Fergie had to stay with the jeep.  Dolly was the designated dog sitter, so she stayed too.  Probably best.  I promised to take lots of pictures.
Starting up See what Dolly and Fergie are missing?
On my way up.                             See what Dolly and Fergie are missing?
Not much of a trail. Leveling out.
Not much of a trail.                               Leveling out.
Trail is rough with lots of rocks. Almost there!
Lots rocks in the trail.                       Almost to the top!
Finally, I see some caves! Everywhere
Finally, I see caves!                                        Everywhere.
No wind, but beautiful! 1-DSC03488
Caves, but no wind!
Caves Beautiful views from the top!
                                                                   Beautiful views from the top!
You can walk right through some of them.Walked right through.
You can walk right through some of them!
Holes all over the place Holes. More caves.  
Holes everywhere.                                                            Ole Evil Eye followed me here!
Professional photographer waiting for perfect light. Caves. Lots of caves.
Professional photographer waiting for the perfect light.
Caves. Caves.
Holes everywhere!
Beautiful rugged country!  Heading down toward Plit Mountain wash.
Beautiful rugged country!                    Heading back down toward Split Mountain wash.
It was getting close to 4:00 when I got down to the jeep and we headed back out of Split Mountain wash.  Only an hour of daylight left and it will take at least 20 minutes to get to the road.

We made it and as we headed down Split Mountain Road, there was a sign to our left that said “Elephant Tree Trail”.  On the map, it wasn’t far, so we headed up the road to get a quick picture of the tree.  Getting dark. The sign didn’t say it was going to be a half mile of rocks that they called a road!  It was the bumpiest 4-wheel drive road we had ever been on.  Oh, yes; it had it’s share of sand and washboard too!

Elephant Tree 
Elephant Tree.
Sun is going down over the mountain.

As you know, we made it home in time to get that beautiful sunset yesterday.  Today was just as beautiful!
Another perfect day!

See you later.


  1. Hey dad, could you email me the original picture of this sunset? I would like to use it as my desktop picture for my work computer.

  2. Because of a sore ankle at the time Kelly didn't make it up to the Wind Caves either at the time. I thought they were really neat too. Isn't the whole Borrego Springs area great. The scenery just keeps going forever. Ghost Mountain through the Yacqui Pass & the drive up to Julian are two more great adventures for a day trip. Try to read a little bit about Marshall South & what took place atop Ghost Mountain before you go. Makes it more interesting. Ghost Mountain is more of a high rocky ridge than it is a tall pointy mountain. Great views all round at the Marshall South homestead. I was fascinated right from the start with Blair Valley & the whole Marshal South story. He's buried in the Julian cemetery & I did manage to find his gravesite a few years ago.

  3. Wow! Beautiful spot despite the trail up. Jan and I could live in one of those. Well, maybe I would but she's always been the smarter one.