Thursday, January 18, 2018

Visit to Downtown Yuma Old District

Thursday, January 18, 2018 – Location:  Mittry Lake near Yuma Arizona

This morning was a carbon copy of yesterday morning.  Warm, sunny and nice!  They must be having war maneuvers across the canal from me in YPC (Yuma Proving Ground).  Lots of shooting and big booms again.  Yuma won’t come out of the RV again.

Well, this morning, we decided to get out early and head into Yuma and find the old district.  I’ve driven by the signs, but never stopped in to walk around.  So, at around 10 A.M., Yuma and I hopped in the Jeep to go take a looksee.

IMG_8229Yuma is starting to sit in the front passenger seat now.  Think he is tired of the bumpy back seat area.

Had to drive around a bit to find it, but I did.  It is located in the southwest outer section of Yuma near the Colorado River and the old Yuma Prison.  After walking up and down the street, I was a little disappointed.  I was thinking something like Tombstone, but I got something like Normal, Illinois.  It was all modernized and even had one of those drive-around circles in it.

I did get some pretty interesting photos to share though.










IMG_8241   IMG_8240

We returned to the RV around 1:30 and it was resting time once again.  Enjoy laying in my easy chair with nothing but the sun and the wind to keep me company.  Still booms off in the distance, so Yuma wouldn’t join me.


Now why would two young ladies be standing by my Jeep allowing me to take a picture of them, you may ask?  Well, let me tell you a story of two damsels in distress and one hero coming to their rescue.  I was lying flat out enjoying my easy time when I hear a young woman’s voice yelling, “Is someone there?  Can you help us?”

I get up and walk around the MH and I see two young ladies across the road and across the canal in the YPG.  I asked, “what can I do for you two young ladies?” and one of them replied, “We are lost and we are tired, can you help us?  We went on a hike earlier this morning and we can’t find a way across this canal.”

I asked, “how in the world did you get over there?”  And one of them said “we don’t know.  We’re just lost.”  I thought for a second.  I had been over on that side one time several years ago, so I knew how to get to them.  I told them I could drive two miles up to Imperial Dam Road and cross the bridge and come back down and pick them up, if they would wait.  “What’s your names, I asked?”  “Victoria and Ellie”, the one named Victoria replied.

“Well, Ellie and Victoria, give me about fifteen minutes and I’ll be by to pick you up.”

I drove up and over the bridge and drove the two miles of rough ATV trail to their location across from my RV and they were happily sitting there resting and waiting.  I wished I had gotten a photo of their relieved faces, but didn’t want to be forward.

I had left Yuma back at the RV because there is not much room in the Jeep and I have no back seat.  Ellie sat in the passenger seat and poor Victoria sat in the rear on the floor for the bumpy ride back.  Luckily, they both had a water bottle so weren’t dehydrated.

I asked them where their car was and they said it was near a place called Betty’s Kitchen.  I knew exactly where it was.   About four miles south of my RV,  near the south entrance to Lake Mittry.  So we drove back to my RV and I stopped just to make sure Yuma was okay, and we headed the four miles down the bumpy dusty road to Betty’s Kitchen and right up to their car.  Never seen two young ladies so happy to see their car. 

Victoria offered to pay for gas, and I said to her, “how about a picture of you two next to my Jeep as payment?”  And that’s how I got the picture of two smiling young ladies standing beside my Jeep. 

I don’t think they will be hiking at Mittry Lake anytime in the near future.  Time to get back to my lazy time after being so rudely interrupted.


See you later.


  1. Rudely interrupted??! You know you loved every minute of being the hero in rescuing those two young women! 😆 Seriously, glad you were there to help them out. Yuma looks very regal, sitting in the front seat. That's a neat train picture in the Old District. It looks a very nice area there. I'm glad you had time to get your rest in! ☺ Fergie says, "Hi, Daddy!" I love you!!

  2. Thanks Dolly. Maybe I was a little amused at their plight, but you're right. Glad I had the time to help.

    At least I've seen the historic Yuma. Tell Fergie I miss her onernous.

  3. The gals were lucky to stumble upon you! You could probably use just a little drama although you were in relax mode! Looks like great weather. I wish I was relaxing in the sun! Have fun Dad! Love you.

  4. Thanks Steve. Wish you were here too! Love you.

  5. A knight in a silver jeep!! How cool is that? I'm sure they appreciated your help very much. They were fortunate to find someone who could help them, lucky you knew the area.

    Yuma looks very sweet sitting up front.

    Glad you had time to relax both before and after the rescue mission.

    1. Thank you. I did feel good that I was able to help. I've been lost before and I know how it feels.

      I'm glad Yuma is sitting up front now. Much better ride than Tha bumpy backend on these desert roads.

  6. You seem to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time - those girls were sure lucky. You've been involved in several other episodes out there in the desert. Remember the little white car stuck in the sand ? And of course the ultimate of all rescues is your best pal - Yuma, who now rides tall in the passenger seat and is your co- pilot. 🌵🌷🐢🐕😎

    1. You have a good memory, Moonfly. There have been a few rescues in my five years and a few were me being rescued too.

      There's always a story here in the desert if you're around here long enough. Next year, it will be your stories I'll be reading.

      Yuma is getting to be a big boy now. And brave!

  7. We checked out the Downtown Yuma area a few years ago and were not impressed either
    Nice that you were there to help out those young ladies, wandering about the area. at least they had water.

  8. Thanks George. I was surprised there weren't any older western style buildings or a saloon. Completely modernized.

  9. We were there last year and yeah it's too bad they're modernizing the whole area. How do you call it historic and then modernize everything? That was a cute story about you helping out the girls. Bet they won't be hiking too much, what a way to get lost. Lucky that you were there for them :)

    1. Thanks. Had an interesting day after downtown Yuma. Glad I was there to help. I've been in their shoes and was glad when someone came along to help.

      Lots of nice people here in the southwest.

  10. Those two young ladies are lucky to find you to help them out.
    Yuma looks good sitting in the front seat.
    Tom and I visited the Historic District in Yuma a few years back and were somewhat disappointed also. We had thought it would be more "old west" then it was.
    Poor Yuma with all the noise hopefully whatever is going on will end soon.

    1. Thank you. More shooting again this morning. Poor Yuma. May have to leave early.

      Now I know why I never visited the Yuma district in the past.

  11. It's always a nice feeling inside when one can help others who are in distress of some kind. I think Yuma will be a very happy little dog when you guys roll out of the war zone.

  12. Lucky gals that you were there to help! Nice to have some unexpected excitement even if it did ruin your resting time! 😜😊. Looks like beautiful weather there as usual. Love you!