Saturday, January 20, 2018

Took a little drive around the area

Saturday, January 20, 2018 – Location: Mittry Lake near Yuma, Arizona

Around 3:30 last night the winds came to Yuma.  Not terrible winds, but enough to hear them rustling through all the wind tunnels of the MH.

This morning, I caught an early photo of the sunrise, and I was going to look again just a little later to catch the full beauty, but I got distracted and forgot.  I do that a lot.  Get distracted that is. 


Yesterday morning, I put waffles in the oven and I went outside to secure the antenna for the coming wind while I waited.  Well, I forgot, but luckily when I came back in I could smell something burning and I remembered the waffles.  Luckily, they weren’t burnt too bad and I do like my waffles crunchy.

The wind was quiet when I woke up and I thought it was over, but not to be.  Towards mid-morning they came back as a steady blow.  When Yuma and I went into town to shop at Walmart, the whole town was one big dust bowl.  It is not fun to live here when there is wind.

Here’s what it looks like on the lake with the dust in the background masking the mountains.


I had seen a MH advertised on Craigslist and it was located in an RV Park not far from the store so I drove by and as Yuma and I were nonchalantly walking by and noticed the For Sale Sign, an elderly Canadian gentleman stepped out of the MH. 

Harvey invited me and Yuma inside to look around to his wife’s dismay.  Her name was Shirley and they were the nicest people.  I asked questions and took some photos.  They had photos out on Craigslist but I took some anyway.


As you expect, since I gave them no notice, their home looked lived in.  Not all setup for show.



It is a very nice 2008 Holiday Rambler Vacationer XL diesel pusher and the price is very good I think.  Well below the average price on NADA.  He even dropped it $4000 when I asked what his bottom dollar was.  Told him I would think about it.

He is too old now to drive it safely and has back issues.  They bought their neighbor’s park model and are just going to drive from Saskatchewan each winter and spring and not be burdened with driving a MH.

There has been gunfire off in the distance again today.  Poor Yuma.  I took him for a ride up to the Imperial Dam area this afternoon, but as soon as he got out of the Jeep, off went some rounds and he wanted back in the Jeep.

We’re heading towards those mountains over there.  Looks like storm clouds with rain but the rain never reaches the ground.



Those are ATV trails ahead as I found out.  Didn’t have the interest to try them with the Jeep.  Probably would just kill myself.  Years past I would have been up there to see if I could follow them.



Finally found the Imperial Dam.  We got right up to it, but Yuma would still not get out of the Jeep.



Took this one from the bridge on Imperial Dam Road as we were heading home.  Rain clouds are all gone now.


Nothing exciting today, but there is always something to take photos of around here. 

By the way, I have been doing great on my data usage.  I think I’m going to make it without being shut down and not buying their one time 5 gig offer for ONLY $35.  I’m wondering if I didn’t get a big Windows 10 issuance downloaded behind the scenes and that is why my first five days of the billing period I used 5 gigs.

See you later.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the area - even the dust blowing. Poor Yuma will never get used to being close to the firing range. I really love the water photos. It looks so refreshing. Glad it wasn't too windy during the night. Have a great night!

  2. PS I love the beautiful sunrise this morning!!

    1. Thanks Dolly. It was late afternoon and the sun and clouds made it easy to get good photos. Lighting is everything.

      Yuma just doesn't like Yuma and that's all there is to it!!

  3. Wonderful pictures. Looks like a nice spot to visit, except for the noise. Poor Yuma.

    We have wind here at Joshua Tree as well, making the toppers flap and shaking the 5'er a wee bit. Guess one can't hide from the wind in the desert.

    Glad you enjoyed the waffles!!! I do things like that as well.

    1. Thank you Deb. It is pretty out here, but the shooting is making us move on early.

      Being on that hillside you're in kind of a wind tunnel. Winds can get bad there at times.

      Glad I'm not the only one that can't do two things at once without forgetting one of them.:)

  4. Wow, that MH you’re looking at looks NICE! Now, what would you do with a ride that nice?😁. Poor Yuma. I’m sorry he’s so scared. Give him extra pets tonight! Love you! Keats says hi!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Say hi to Keats for me. We would get lost in something that big.

      We'll be moving tomorrow after the ball games today to get away from the gunfire. It is off in the distance but sound carries out here. Yuma has good ears too.

  5. Looks like a really nice motorhome! I'm thinking Yuma will be glad to get out of that place! You're probably right about the Windows 10 thing. Those updates are really annoying..we bought an ASUS which uses Windows 10 and I hate I always say that's Kens...I use a Mac which I love. Beautiful pictures once again! Colors are so vivid!

    1. Thanks Shirley. I use an ASUS with Windows 10 and I like the laptop but don't like the constant updates. Never used a Mac. Everyone says they are great.

      Poor Yuma will have to make it one more day. I have to watch the playoffs.:)

  6. More great pictures of the area glad you having a nice day. That motorhome is nice but no propane oven, not great for boon docking.

    1. Thanks George. What kind of oven is there other than propane for MHs? I have a propane one in mine. Don't use it much, but it doesn't seem to be a gas hog.

    2. A lot of newer rv's have only a convection microwave oven, you need to have electricity to use it, or run your generator.

    3. Thanks George. Need to read up on what a convection oven is. As you know I'm not an expert at cooking. I've already lost 10 pounds on my cooking.:)

  7. I especially like the picture of your Jeep and the 2 that follow it. Wow ! That 3rd pic really calls to me - should be framed. Beautiful. You've got 3 nice wildlife refuges between you and Quartzite - Kofa, Imperial, and Cibola. Hope your teams win today. Travel safe tomorrow. 🌵🌷🐕🐢😎

  8. Thanks Moonfly. I'm thinking of staying at Palm Canyon in the KOFA Mountains. Beautiful there and quiet.

    It was really nice lighting with the rain clouds and sun.