Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Errands Day

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 – Location:  Mittry Lake near Yuma, Arizona

Woke up early this morning for a change.  Even got a shot of the sun rising in the east.

IMG_8144Before I could even get Yuma out the door for a walk this morning the shooting and booming started over at the Yuma Proving Ground gun range.  Yuma is deathly afraid of gunfire, fireworks or anything that makes a popping sound.  So, Yuma laid in the hall by the bed all morning long.

He did step out long enough to eat breakfast and then he was back.  I laid around after breakfast and read blogs and made comments for the morning.  Here’s looking southwest toward the water from the RV this morning.

IMG_8146Finally the shooting stopped near noon and Yuma jumped in the Jeep and we were off.  Had two things to accomplish today.  Remember that flat tire?  Well, today is the day to get it fixed.  I also needed gas for the Jeep before I could go on any adventure ride in the days ahead.

I decided we would go north to Imperial Dam road and go around to the west side of Yuma to look for a tire shop.

Passed by this old bar for sale.  Want to buy it?


Here’s a house just down the road that you could buy too.


IMG_8156Stopped in the Imperial Date Gardens for a Date Shake. 

After that we made it into Yuma.  I don’t know how many times we went in and out of California to get into Yuma.

Passed this dead tree out  in the middle of the crop fields.


The first tire shop I found was The Firestone Tire and Auto.  The  manager had one of his men, a Mexican, take the tire off the back of the Jeep.  When he saw where the screw was, he said it was too close to the sidewall to repair safely and I needed to replace the tire.

I said I was just going to use it as a spare and didn’t want a new tire.  Still no dice.  While the Mexican was  putting the tire back on the Jeep he told me in broken English that there was a Mexican tire place up the road that would fix it for me.

I know the manager is correct and couldn’t legally repair the tire unsafely, but I just wanted a spare for temporary use if needed in an emergency.  I went down to Roberts Tire Shop and the owner, Roberto said he could do a hotfix and the tire would be fine as a spare.  He had me back into his shop area and he got right to work.  It wasn’t fifteen minutes and $20 later the tire was back on the Jeep.

That’s the Mexican way of getting things done.


I think he does a booming tire and rim business here.


We left his shop and soon found a gas station and filled the Jeep.  My day is done.  I decided I would go back to Mittry Lake from the east side of Yuma.  Took a few photos along the way.


There is a place along the south side of the lake with snakes of land stretching out into the lake with Palm trees.   Beautiful for photos.



After we go home we did a lot of this for the remainder of the day.


Even got a sundown photo today. 


Time for dinner.  See you later.


  1. Beautiful photos! The palms on sand bars are so inviting. Glad you got the spare fixed. Sometimes you need someone like Roberto to get a job done. Poor Yuma. I hope he doesn't have to endure gunfire and explosions every day. Beautiful sunrise in the east. ☺

    1. Thanks Dolly. I sure hope they only practice on Tuesday and the rest of the week is quiet. Don't remember this problem last year.

      Hope I didn't switch my sunrise with my sunset. Hard to keep track of that sun's comings and goings. 🤓

  2. We've only been to Mittry Lake a couple times and I do remember those nice Palm trees on those spits of land jutting out into the lake. Yes those Mexican folks do have a different way of doing things alright.

    1. Appears that a number of the palm trees have been cut down. Looks like fire got them. Unfortunate.

  3. We thought those little snakes of land would be a perfect place to park a chair, relax, and watch the ducks float by. (Great pictures of those palms along them reflecting in the lake.) Tom missed out going back for his date shake when we did not stay. We may have to take a ride that way so he can have his. Hope for Yuma's sake tomorrow morning is quieter.

    1. Thanks Deb. I know it is a bumpy and dusty road, but driven at about 12 mph it isn't bad in a Jeep.

      Never thought about just relaxing at the palm trees. I bet it would be beautiful at sunset. Maybe tonight I will just do that.

      I too am hoping for a quiet day. Don't like for Yuma to be so afraid.

  4. Nice that you found a Mexican Tire shop to help you out, for a spare just in case, Then your date shake and a relaxing afternoon. Sounds wonderful.

    1. Thanks George. I know Yuma was glad to leave camp.

      Getting that tire fixed was a priority, but didn't want a new tire. Glad that Mexican fella was kinds enough to point me in the right direction.

  5. Chores accomplished and the rest of the day spent relaxing. Sounds like an excellent day to me. The noise of the morning would upset HRH Miss Kitty as well, like Yuma she doesn't like loud noises, gunfire or explosions.

    I don't think it really matters which is up or down, the sun does both once a day and the pictures are excellent. One could not hope for more.

    1. You're right about the sun. I do like the warmth here a lot from ole Sol. Looking at my sidebar and seeing -2 back home reminds me of why I'm here.

      As the days go by I'm learning to relax a little more. I'm happy for that.

  6. Like your new masthead photo - really shows camp life in the desert. Plenty of sunshine, solar panel working, easy chair, cold drink, and of course Yuma is front and center. Looks like that 1st step out your door is a real doozy. Mittry Lake is so scenic and peaceful when they're not shooting. 🌵🌷🐢🐕🌞

    1. Thank you Moonfly. Glad you noticed. You can tell it's a real camp. I didn't pretty it up. Just the way I live.

      I'm hoping they have their shooting practice once a week and all is quiet from now on.

      I see you're getting more cold and snow your way. That's a bummer. Hope you can keep warm.

  7. Yes - this winter has been awful but the 15 day forecast shows a warming trend. Yea ! Those old houses in your post are looking pretty good to me. Soak up some of that Sweet Yuma Sunshine !! Next year I'm gonna get my own ! 🌞🌵🌷😎

  8. Glad you have something to look forward to.

  9. Beautiful pictures once again Doug! Poor Yuma that was sad. Glad you both got a nice ride in and got the tire fixed. Great that you were directed to that place and I'm sure the tire will be fine. The picture of you and Yuma relaxing just shows what it's all about! :)

  10. Thanks. I'm trying to learn to relax more but it's hard.😂

    That poor Yuma sure is a baby when it comes to shooting noises.

  11. Good to get that tire fixed but hopefully you won't need it. Cool pictures of the palm trees out in the lake there! Looks like a nice fixer up house.

    1. Thanks Steve. All I need is another fixer upper.

      Hope I don't need the spare either. First one in five years and hopefully the last.