Friday, January 12, 2018

Lazy day in Ajo

Friday, January 12, 2018 – Location:  Ajo, Arizona

IMG_7999Got up at 7:30 this morning with the full intention of doing something.  It is just a gorgeous day ahead with highs in the mid-seventies and lots of sunshine. 

It took me forever to go through my morning routine and get breakfast done.  It was so nice out, I laid down in my lounger with my ice tea and just couldn’t get up.

Around 11 A.M., I decided I had better accomplish something.  If I do a load of laundry today in the very nice laundromat they have in town, I won’t have to try and find one in the next town down the line.  So Yuma and I hopped into the Jeep with four good tires and headed into Ajo, camera in tow.

I’ve been to the Ajo Laundromat a number of times over the years and it is never crowded.  Always nice and clean with plenty of washers and dryers.


Only did one load for $3, including drying them.  Within the hour, we were out of there.  Decided to take a few more photos on my way out of town.  Every town, I think, has the first letter on a mountain above their town and Ajo is no exception.


Be sure to stop into the Ajo Museum when you’re in town.  It is excellent.  Dolly and I stopped by a number of years ago, so with Yuma in the Jeep, I didn’t go in this time.



Just east of the museum is the New Cornelia open pit mine.  They mined copper from 1917 through 1983.  The observation area was closed so I couldn’t get a good photo,  but it is a big hole in the ground.  I am staying across from it on this side of Black Mountain you see in the background.


The Greenway House sits high on a hill overlooking the pit mine.  John Campbell Greenway came to Ajo in 1911 from Bisbee to inspect the mining operation.  He became the manager and built his very elegant home here.


We ended back home around 2 P.M. and resumed our lazy day.  Caught this guy at the top of an Ocotillo plant.


I should know what it is, but I don’t.  Someone will let us know in the comment section tomorrow.  It makes such a beautiful chirping sound.

Tonight is Gold Rush, so I had better get cracking and set up the Dish receiver and make sure all is in order before it comes on at 7 tonight.  It is so nice to relax for a change and take my time getting things done.

Artist alley:

IMG_8058  IMG_7887 



See you later.


  1. There! I’m finally all caught up. I love the beautiful Artist Alley pictures! And good for you getting that tire changed yesterday! I would expect nothing less from you and your faithful supervisor, Yuma. 😊. I’m glad you’ve had some beautiful relaxing days and as always I am loving the breath taking, gorgeous, scenery pictures you’re taking! Sleep tight! Love you!

    1. Thanks Sarah. I hope you're feeling better. Yuma and I got'r done.

      We have had some beautiful days lately. Great for being outside.

      Take care. Love you.

  2. More wonderful art scenes! So, you and Yuma are off to parts unknown, tomorrow. Is that home the one that was turned into a hospital or clinic? Hope you can enjoy Gold Rush tonight. Sleep tight!

    1. Thanks Dolly. No, that house is still owned by the Greenway family. I took a picture of the old hospital but didn't include.

      Barely made the GR before it started. Very aggravating!

  3. Glad you had a good day but did you get the Flat Tire repaired?
    Love the Pictures of the area and Artist Alley.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. No tire repair. I'm going to wait till I get to Yuma to get it repaired. Be there this weekend.

    Hope I don't get another flat in the next few days.

  5. Some of those murals look more like photographs than paintings. Ajo sure is a pretty town. Thanks for the glimpse ! Have a nice travel day. 🌞🌈

    1. Thanks, Moonfly. They do take care of their murals. They all look new but I know most of them have been around for years.

      I always enjoy spending a week or so here before moving on and I'm getting ready to do just that.

  6. Beautiful murals once again. Sure have enjoyed your pictures they are so clear and beautiful. I wouldn't mind doing laundry in that laundromat at all! Safe travels!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad the photos do some justice to the real beauty of the murals.

  7. Love those murals, some very talented people out there.
    Was the Octillo in bloom beside that bird?
    I don't think there is anything wrong with lazy days.
    Safe travels.

    1. Thank you Deb. There was just one bloom and I caught a corner of it in the picture.

      You're right about good to slow down. I find that I get tired quicker than the previous years. I wonder what causes that?!

  8. Great bird on the Ocotillo and no, I do not know what it is either...:) By the way we all need those slow mornings to just back and relax.
    Back to the bird because I am not one to just know what they are, I have a free app on my phone called Merlin Bird ID by Cornell takes you through a qyick step by step ID.

    1. Thanks Deb, I'll see if I can find it. My son, Steve just said it was a Desert Cardinal.

  9. Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal is the name of your bird. I looked it up. It is a song bird.
    Good thing you got that screw out of your tire. Funny how you picked that screw up in the short trip to a new camp spot!
    That copoer mine is huge!A lot of great pics!
    Better to get rested up before you travel. Have fun Dad! Love you.

    1. Thanks Steve. I knew it looked like a cardinal, but couldn't find it on Google. Guess I didn't try hard enough.

      That pit is huge. Maybe they will be open today and I'll get a better pic.

      I am just glad it was the Jeep and not the MH. I wouldn't be able to change those tires.
      Love you.

    2. Well I wouldn't bet the rent, but I think the bird might be a Phainopepla nitens female. Perhaps.

    3. Emjay, I checked the sound it makes on Google and you are right. That is what it is.

      Thank you for checking.