Travel to Palm Canyon Road

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today is a travel day.  Luckily, I did most of the packing yesterday, so we could lounge around this morning and have coffee and breakfast.

We left camp and went into Ajo to dump tanks, take on fresh water and fill the propane tank.  Took us an hour to get all that done and we were heading up hwy 85 through the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Base to  Gila Bend, Arizona.

Rock formations  Rock formationsRock formationsMountains

We had heard there was a motel and restaurant with a space ship design in Gila Bend, so we drove into town looking for it.  Found it.

Space Age Restaurant

We then grabbed I-10 going west.  Did this for 110 miles till we hit Yuma, Arizona.  Stopped for gas and then headed north on hwy 95 toward Quartzsite, 82 miles away.


The road is freshly repaved and as smooth as glass.  Nice to travel on.  We pulled off the hwy at Palm Canyon Road, about 20 miles south of Quartzsite and found us a beautiful camp.  Got here about 5:30 PM.  Glad we got here before dark or we would have had a problem finding a campsite.

Palm Canyon in Kofa Mountain rangePalm Canyon in Kofa Mountain range

Got all set up and got the TV going for Dolly and we’re ready to call it a night.


See you later.


  1. I like that funky Space Age restaurant - the blue skies - looks like you have a beautiful campsite - lots of room to run and play - great photos of the Kofa Mountains

    1. Thanks Moonfly. We hope to get up to the Palm trees today around noon when the sun is overhead and we can get good photos of the trees on the canyon walls. Pretty neat!

  2. Hope to meet you both (as well as Yuma and Fergie) tomorrow at blogfest. :)

    1. Thank you. We are within striking distance now. See you tomorrow.