Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Laundry Day

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This morning started out with clear blue skies, slight breeze and warm temperatures.  Unfortunately, it is laundry day.

Here is Fergie, fresh from her bath.  She is looking and feeling like a princess.

  Fergie fresh from her bath

Headed out to the laundromat after breakfast.  The Lemon-Brite Laundromat is located in a drive-in restaurant converted into a laundromat.

Lemon-Brite Laundromat

Dolly thought $2.50 a wash tub was a little steep, but it is the only game in town.  Ended up costing over $15 to wash and dry two weeks of clothes.  But it’s done.

They still fly the Confederte flag at the R.E.B. Supply.

  American, Arizona and Confederate flags

After we finished the wash, I laid in the warm sun for awhile and Dolly caught up on her Facebook correspondence.


Later in the afternoon, I packed the backpack we found at the Locomotive Rock formation and took it down to the wash.  Hopefully, someone needing sleeping blankets and a backpack will find it.

The wash runs for miles in the Sonoran desert and is used by four-wheel drive vehicles and there is a lot of foot traffic.

Yuma is smelling stuff and Black Mountain is in the background.  You can see how deeply the water cuts in the hillside.

After our walk, I started on the packing.  We plan to leave in the morning for the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.  There is a place just off hwy 95 on Palm Canyon Road about 20 miles south of Quartzsite, Arizona that is remote and close to the Kofa Mountain range.

See you later.

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