Friday, January 8, 2016

Boondocking in Ajo, Arizona

Friday, January, 8, 2016

After a leisurely morning, I took the Jeep the 10 miles north on highway 85 toward Ajo, to Darby Well Road.  Drove about a mile and half before finding the perfect boondocking camp.  Checked to make sure I could get cell reception, and got 3 bars.  Good enough.  Texted Dolly to pack up, so I could finish up getting the motorhome prepared to go when I got back.


We were on the road at noon and soon we were setting up camp.  Walked around and took photos and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

Dolly, Fergie and Yuma under huge Saguaro Cactus Doug, Fergie and Yuma under huge Saguaro Cactus

Old mine

Yuma just loves being free from his leash and able to run through the creosote bushes and Palo Verde trees.

Yuma running

It is great to be near my favorite Black Mountain once again.  It is so quiet except for the light wind rustling through the bushes and trees.  With all this rain, there is a lot more green this year.  Luckily, today is clear and cool.  No rain in the forecast and warmer days are on their way.

Black Mountain

Later in the afternoon, I started hearing coyotes howling off in the distance.  Soon, Yuma was looking out the window and growling.  Sure enough, a full grown Coyote was walking around our camp checking us out.



Already time to set up the Dish Tailgater and get the TV going, so we can watch Gold Rush tonight.

See you later.


  1. Please get the dogs the rattlesnake anti-venom shots if you have not done so. Rabies, of course, as well.

    1. This is our third year, so we are ready for anything, I hope. Won't have to worry about snakes till it gets warmer, thank goodness.

  2. Looks like you found another great campsite - very scenic - Coyote looks scary - glad Yuma and/or the little white dog didn't tangle with him !

    1. It is very nice here. No one nearby and a large site. For free, you can't beat it. Saw our coyote friend again this morning when I opened the door. I guess he will be hanging around. His home must be near by. Will have to watch closely for him. Not so much for Yuma, but Fergie would be good food.

    2. Thanks Doug - I couldn't remember the little dogs name - Also, I meant to comment on your Thursday post about what a cute picture of them curled up together - Yuma and Fergie - so glad you and Dotty and the whole family are getting to enjoy the Southwest together this year - Have FUN !!