Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sunshine in New Mexico

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Slept in again, this morning and I made percolated coffee for the first time today, and it tasted great.  Got on the road at 10 A.M. and headed out on I-20 with our eyes set on Deming, New Mexico, 379 miles to the west.

It was a drizzly day with low clouds.  This area of Texas is full of oil wells and refineries.  With the low clouds and the smog from the refineries, it looked foggy off in the distance.


We came to the southern end of the Guadelupe Mountain range.  As we climbed to an elevation of 4708 feet, the drizzle turned to a frozen mist on all the shrubs, but did not affect the highway at all.  Luckily, the temperature was hovering around 34 degrees.  We could see the remains of the snow storm last week on the mountain sides.


Stopped at a rest area to let us all stretch our legs and I found this beautiful antique.  Ready to roll.  Anyone want to take it home?  Not sure what make it is.  Kind of looks like an old Willys.


We then came down to the plains and  connected to I-10 and passed through El Paso.  Took about 30 miles to get through that sprawling city of over 600,000, but we had no problems at all.   The time zone  has now changed to Mountain Time, so we have an extra hour now.

Wasn’t long before we passed into New Mexico and the city of Las Cruces.  That is a pretty city.  A couple of years ago, Dolly and I spent the night in a rest area on a plateau overlooking Las Cruces.  The lights of the city were beautiful.  Hit our first check point by the border patrol.  We stopped, the officer asked if everyone was a U.S. citizen, and sent us on our way.  And the sun came out right on cue as we passed into New Mexico.  Nice to see the sun for a change.


Sixty miles farther down the road, we came to our destination for the night.  We are staying at the Walmart in Deming, New Mexico.


See you later.


  1. Been awhile since we've been in that Walmart parking lot in Deming but I do remember it well.

  2. Welcome back to the sunny Southwest!

  3. So happy that you and Dolly weren't caught up in the flooding around St. Louis. Enjoy!