Monday, January 25, 2016

Queen Canyon

Monday, January 25, 2016
Another beautiful morning with the sun rising and the moon setting.
After breakfast this morning, Yuma and I headed out in the jeep to Queen Canyon.   It is the canyon just north of Palm Canyon, but the road is rough and it winds around for five miles before it ends up at the canyon.
I wanted to mention that when Dolly and I were heading south on hwy 95 after the Bloggerfest on Saturday, something quickly crossed the road ahead of us.  We thought it was a roadrunner, but as we got to the location and looked to the right, we saw a Kit Fox hiding behind a creosote bush.  He thought he was hidden, but he wasn’t. 
We didn’t know what kind of fox it was till we googled it.  He was very small with large ears and had a black tip on his tail.  That described a Kit Fox.
The canyon had beautiful rock formations and was about 3 miles in length.  Yuma and I walked most of the 3 miles along the wash.  We could have driven the jeep all the way up the wash, but we thought we needed the exercise.  My feet hurt so bad now, I wish we had just driven the three miles.
Queen Canyon in the Kofa Mountains
Queen Canyon
Helicopter broke the silence flying through the canyon.
Chopper flying through Queen Canyon
See right through the bottom of this huge rock formation.
Yuma leading the way.
Yuma leading the way
Queen Canyon
Rough roads.
Rough Road  Rough Road
After returning home, the whole gang jumped in the jeep and we drove 10 miles south on hwy 95 to Stone Cabin.  Stone Cabin is just a row of buildings and tents along the road.  Its about 40 miles north of Yuma or 40 miles south of Quartzsite.  Only place between the two towns.
Randy, the man that runs the place handles everything.  He sells shakes, ice cream, hamburgers, fries, old DVDs and essential oils.  We had a cheeseburger, curly fries and Dolly had a date shake and I had a coke.  Can’t say much about the cheeseburgers or curly fries, but the shake and coke were good.
Dolly, Fergie and Yuma waiting for burgers
Got back to camp and watched the news and the second segment of X-Files.  Kind of nostalgic to be watching the same Mulder, Scully, Skinner and smoking man, just as we did back in the 90s.  We watched that show every week back then and are ready to do it again.  Hope it continues and is not a flash in the pan.
See you later.


  1. Hi Doug, Have you ever camped at Mittry Lake ? I have never been there but I have read a couple blogs who did. It is BLM with dispersed camping right on the waters edge - very private and scenic and very close to where you are now. You can google it and see the images - looks amazing. Also, thanks for teaching me about the kit fox - and thanks for writing about and showing a pnoto of Randy's hamburger stand at Stone Cabin - this is the kind of unique and funky little place I like to learn about and it is the exact kind of place I would stop. Nobody else has ever blogged about it - I even searched it out on YouTube and saw a video - I was wondering if they have much business ? Hope you and Dolly and the gang continue to explore and document and have fun.

  2. I have been to Mittry Lake. In fact I had to evacuate the area on Christmas Eve last year.

    Glad you gave me correct name for Stone Cabin. There was no one there and Randy talked our ears off while we were eating. Interesting guy.

  3. It was nice meeting you, Dolly, and Yuma on Saturday at the Bloggerfest. We enjoyed our conversation.

    Really nice pictures especially of the moon setting and sun rising.

    Thank you for the information about Stone Cabin we will be heading down that way in a couple of weeks and have wanted to try a date shake. Sounds like an interesting and unique place to stop.

    Safe Travels.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Thank you. Dolly and I enjoyed meeting the two of you. It takes a team to make full-timing work. I'm sure you two are going to enjoy your new adventures.