Sunday, January 31, 2016

Waiting for the Storm

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Today started out pretty slow.  The weather was warm and sunny without any hint of wind.  I couldn’t believe they forecast strong winds starting around 3:30 P.M. today.  But, I was pretty sure it would happen.

Stayed close to home.  Took a short drive to Bard, California, about 15 miles to the west.  As we drove north on the Mittry Lake Road, the fisherman were already out on the lake enjoying the beautiful morning.

Fisherman at Mittry Lake

We dead-ended into Imperial Dam Road and took a left.  This road takes me around the north and west side of Mittry Lake.  However, you can’t see the lake from all the tall grass and swamp land hiding the lake from view.  There are no entrances to the lake along this side of the lake.

This tavern along Imperial Dam Road looks deserted, but I have a feeling it is hopping on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tavern along Imerial Dam Road

This deserted homestead looks like it has been here forever. 

Old western homestead

Old western homestead

Stopped by the Imperial Date Gardens to make sure they had Date Shakes.  Didn’t buy anything.  I want to wait and bring Dolly with me.  She will love the shakes and candies they have.

I felt guilty driving my very dusty jeep into the parking lot after seeing that very shiny city-slicker’s Cadillac.

Imperial Date Gardens

At about 3:30, the clouds started to come in from the west and the winds picked up, throwing the dust and sand high into the air.

Dust storm coming

Soon, the sun and mountains were hidden from view and the winds brought me indoors.

Dust storm coming

As I write now, the MH is rocking from winds blowing at about 25 mph with gusts up to 40.  The only things outside now are our generator and Dish Tailgater.  Earlier, I placed the Tailgater near the MH front tire to protect it from the wind and so far we have TV reception.  Means it has not blown away so far.

They are calling for a little rain this evening and the winds will remain through all of tomorrow.

See you later.


  1. Who knows - that city slicker with the Cadillac may actually be the one who is envious of you and your Jeep ! And, no matter what you drive - most everyone loves a date shake. Yum ! Hope the wind rocks you gently and rocks you slowly - and, everyone stays safe.

    1. You're right Moonfly. I shouldn't judge without facts. Made it thru the night fine. Winds are okay now. As you say just gentle rocking.

  2. Really missed your Monday blog - my coffee never even had a chance to cool down this morning before I was done reading blogs for the day. You must have taken Dolly to get her date shake ! It's gonna be 60 in Dayton today - but no sunshine - your wind is coming tonite with a few thunderstorms. Y'all have a great day.