Monday, January 4, 2016

Cleaning Day

Monday, January 4, 2016

The day started off with sunshine, but it wasn’t long before clouds started to build to the southwest.  Before long the rains came.  Before the rains, I did go on a mission to find a fresh water station, so we coud replenish our drinking water supply.  Found one right off at the service station at the entrance of the casino.


The rain did clean the jeep and the motorhome which was a good thing. 

Dolly and I spent much of the day going through all the cabinets and organizing everything.  Dolly had a number of boxes with stuff in them that she was able to put somewhere, so we weren’t moving them from the bedroom to the living room and back again each day.  Our house is now in order and we know where everything is.


That was about all we did today.  Didn’t even go in the casino to take a peek.  Maybe tomorrow evening will be a good time.  Neither Dolly nor I are much on gambling.  We always lose anyway, so why give away money.

See you later.

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