Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quartzsite RV Show

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This morning after breakfast, I left everyone at camp and drove into Quartzsite.  I told Dolly, I had three objectives:

  1. Get a another perculator for our coffee
    The top of the one we have now is plastic and it wore through.  The coffee would bubble out and onto the stove.  Tried using duct tape, but didn’t do the trick.
  2. Buy a few Mr. Heater Buddy propane tanks
    We ran out this morning and could use a couple to warm us up in the mornings.  Our big furnace works sporadically.
  3. Buy a new motorhome
    They are there, so why not take a look.

I did manage to come home with one of the three.  Guess which.

I knew the big tent was closed, but I thought the RV lovers would stick around, but I was wrong.  Lots of parking and no spectators roaming around. When it’s over, it’s over.

Big tent

Lots of seating room at Beer Belly’s.

Beer Belly's


Had to take a photo of this Slingshot motorcycle.  It looks like a small version of the Batmobile.


After wandering around, I decided to head to the RV show.  Here is the one I picked out.

New motorhome


I saw the $90,000 price tag and I was ready to drive it out of there.  Then I looked closer and it was $90 grand off the original price.  The price to buy it is $350,000.  Can’t quite afford it, but it did spoil me as I looked at the ones I could afford.  I think we’ll stick with the one we have. 

Couldn’t find any propane, but didn’t look real hard.

I did find a perculator at a swap meet for $10 and as I was talking to the saleswoman, I mentioned, I had one but the top was plastic and had worn through.  She looked under her sales desk and pulled out several perculator tops with the little perculator on top.

The tops looked exactly the size I needed.  She popped the little glass perculator off the top and said I’ll sell it for $3.50.  Unfortunately, I only had $2.30 on me.  We made a deal.  The next time I’m in town, I owe her $1.20.

Took it back to camp and put it on and it fits nicely.  Tomorrow morning will be the test.

Got home around 3 P.M. and Yuma and Fergie were so excited to see me.  You would have thought I had been gone for years.

My son, Jim gave me a Fitbit One for Xmas and I have been trying to walk 10,000 steps a day.  Nearly five miles.  Yesterday, while walking in the canyon, I walked over 14,000 steps for 6 miles.  Today, while in Quartzsite I made over 7,000, so Yuma and I took a walk and I ended up with over 10,700 steps, almost 5 miles.


See you later.

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